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Horror dive in Bali

Horror dive in Bali or the importance of proper dive briefings and knowing your limits I had finally arrived in Bali. One of the most talked about islands since the book and movie Eat, Pray, Love by Liz Gilbert got well-known around the globe. I wanted to see everything and experience the island the best way possible. For me this surely includes the ocean and therefore diving. My flight to…

Downsides of Solo Travel

As someone with a heart filled with wanderlust, few things keep me from travelling. However, there are certain downsides when it comes to solo travel.


Inspiring Female Dive Bloggers to follow when you crave the Ocean

Female Dive Bloggers that are as inspiring as the Ocean My fellow bubble makers! I’ve reached out to some really amazing dive bloggers out there and I’m super happy and proud to present some of them here. They are from all over the world, have taken so many different courses and we all share one thing: loving the ocean and not getting enough of diving. I’ve asked them all the…

Why an Immigration Officer googled my name

Why an Immigration Officer googled my Name

Why an immigration officer googled my name Travelling: at first it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller Auckland, New Zealand – early morning at the international airport AKL. After a long overnight flight from Bali I finally arrive in New Zealand. I head to collect my bag and find out to be the lucky one as I get asked to step into a separate line for additional…

The Dirndl

A Dirndl travelling the World Dirndl Time In this section of my blog I’ll show you pictures of the Dirndl travelling the World! I started travelling with my Dirndl long before this blog existed and take great photos all around the globe. The Dirndl is the traditional Austrian dress and not only worn on Sundays and holidays. I’ve already taken my dress on a round the world trip and keep…

Destinations RTW

Around the World in 72 Days – Destinations revealed

Around the World in 72 Days – Destinations revealed My fellow wanderlusters, travellers, lovers of the unknown and adventurers! Today I want to share with you my trip itinerary that I kept a secret – until now. It’s time to share the destinations with you and also some of the things I plan on doing: The ultimate RTW-itinerary for 2.5 months The first spot I’m going to visit is …….

Travel Chronicles Chronic Wanderlust

Travel Logbook

Chronic Wanderlust Travel Chronicles These are the chronicles of my travels, starting back then in 1992! Follow up my story of travelling, my love for the unknown and the heart of a wanderluster! Info: Many trips within Austria are not listed as they are countless! 2017 January: Mexico + Colombia January to June: Colombia April: Galapagos, Ecuador June: Aruba, Bonaire + Curaçao July to August: Canada 2016 January: Belize + Mexico…

Favourite (Travel) Books chosen by Travel Bloggers

Favourite (Travel) Books chosen by Travel Bloggers Many of us do dream a lot about the upcoming trip, anything near or further away. Why not taking a trip in your bed or living room by escaping the real world with a great book with vivid descriptions and fantasies come true? For this reason I asked a couple great travel bloggers to share their favourite (travel) books. Sara from This Girl…