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How much are 5 days on Easter Island

How much are 5 days on Easter Island?!

That’s how much 5 Days on Easter Island are Let me show you how much 5 days on Easter Island cost and that’s 100% doable on your own and don’t need an agency to get around. Introduction Visiting the Easter Island has fascinated me for a very long time! It was on top of my to-do list, yet I didn’t think I’d accomplish visiting it so soon. When I booked…

Gifts for Travellers for any Occasion

Gifts for Travellers for any occasion

Gifts for Travellers for any occasion Soon! Soon it’s Christmas time, and even I am thinking about what to give my loved ones – or what I’d love to receive. I’ve browsed the web and found some great gifts for travellers for any occasion that any traveller would love! No matter if it’s for Christmas, Easter, Birthday, any day, .. 🙂 Have fun finding new things! Gifts for Travellers for…

I’m going to Chile!

Chile, Chile, Chile – I’m going to Chile By the time you’ll read this I’m either in Madrid or just landed in Santiago de Chile. Finally! The time has come to be on a long haul flight again! The first flight to Madrid takes about three hours. and from there it’s another 13 (!!) hours to Santiago. Without a layover anywhere in the USA or anywhere else in Latin America….

Travel Resolutions for 2017

Travel Resolutions for 2017 Another year has gone by and many of the usual resolutions (like losing weight, learning a new language, moving abroad, …) have not been fulfilled and let’s be honest: the moment we wrote them down or thought about them, we knew already that they wouldn’t be accomplished anyway. That’s why I’ve started to do just travel resolutions for the last years and most of those promises to…

Meteora must see Greece

5 Must-Sees and Letdowns around Greece

I’ve been waiting for the right time to share this post with you! I should be in Greece right now, but I had to cancel last-minute. The ups and downs of life I guess! But nevertheless let me show you my 5 Must-Sees and Letdowns around Greece! Greece is such a diverse country in every dimension – reaching from the great islands in the Mediterranean Sea to great mountains and…