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Hike Anton Schosser

The first time Stand Up Paddling – Galapagos

SUP – the struggle is real! I want to be honest: until now, I’ve smiled at stand-up paddlers and didn’t take the sport seriously at all. Things like wannabe surfers, bores on the water, or even this are people who want to be in the water without getting wet came to mind. After I had been looking for activities for my last day in Puerto Ayora on Santa Cruz, I

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Travel Resolutions for 2017

Travel Resolutions for 2017 Another year has gone by and many of the usual resolutions (like losing weight, learning a new language, moving abroad, …) have not been fulfilled and let’s be honest: the moment we wrote them down or thought about them, we knew already that they wouldn’t be accomplished anyway. That’s why I’ve started to do just travel resolutions for the last years and most of those promises to

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Travel Chronicles Chronic Wanderlust

Travel Logbook

Chronic Wanderlust Travel Chronicles These are the chronicles of my travels, starting back then in 1992! Follow up my story of travelling, my love for the unknown and the heart of a wanderluster! Info: Many trips within Austria are not listed as they are countless! 2017 January: Mexico + Colombia January to June: Colombia April: Galapagos, Ecuador June: Aruba, Bonaire + Curaçao July to August: Canada 2016 January: Belize + Mexico

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