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Some stories don’t fit any category, some I wrote especially for this category. This is where you’ll find personal stories, recipes, funny stories like when an immigration officer googled my name, or my boyfriend said those three magical words over home-made Mexican food

Summer of 2014 – Canada, Mexico and Florida


Hi there my fellow Wanderlusters, Summer of 2014 – Canada, Mexico and Florida As I’m writing this I’m sitting in a crowded and for my taste too loud Heathrow Airport in London waiting for my connection flights. More than 24 hours travelling to get to the first stop of my two-month trip! The weather was great today and we flew over the centre of London and I was able to…

Alles Walzer! – Everyone dance Viennese Waltz – Challenge Nr°4


Hello out there my fellow Wanderlusters! Let me introduce you to Challenge Nr°4 Give Viennese Waltz dancing lessons in Central Park In Central Park, our bloggers will teach passers-by to dance a Viennese waltz. And to make sure those new dancing partners get a little something to reward them for their time and effort, they’ll all be given an original Austrian Airlines #Tascherl (pouches)! I thought to myself – let’s…

On my way to NYC with the most amazing crew ever plus CHALLENGE Nr° 1!


On my way to NYC with the most amazing crew ever plus CHALLENGE NR. 1! I’m writing this somewhere above the Atlantic Ocean sitting in my dirndl and you will read this by the time I get access to the internet 🙂 Let’s start with the very beginning! 🙂 The Blogger Challenge Austrian Airlines announced on their blog that they are looking for great bloggers to join them on a…

That moment when you step outside your door and realize it’s gonna be epic!  


Hi out there my fellow Wanderlusters! Let’s talk about that moment when you step outside your door and realize it’s gonna be epic! Who knows what I’m talking about? You saved up for months to finally be able to do the trip you always dreamt about. You packed everything, or at least think so, and when you start driving towards the airport, train or bus station it suddenly hits you: did…

That moment in … Australia – A Journey to my End and Back


Australia is one of the most outlying continents in the world and to be honest, not without a reason! The country has a size of about 7.5 million square kilometres and at the same time, it’s only inhabited by about 23 million people plus 6 million tourists per year. This results in an average of 2.5 people per square kilometres which is compared to Europe`s 98 p/km² pretty deserted. Some…

… my Unbirthday in Mexico


Hello my dear fellow travellers!! Happy Unbirthday everyone!!! How are you? Where are you right now? Let me tell you the story of how a usual eating out ended in celebrating my Unbirthday! We are in Saltillo, Mexico a few years back. I was just back to Mexico for an internship and I met again with a lovely Mexican family who kind of adopted my for my time there! Sometimes…

postcard challenge

Postcard Challenge Nr°1 Salzburg


Hi out there my fellow travellers! Only a month ago I went to amazing Salzburg! To do what?? Firstly I went to a job interview – which turned out to be really great!! – and then I spent some time wandering around the old part of the city. I shared with you this experience by an Instagram travel with me session– I wanted to show you the great inspiring city. Then…

That moment … at the airport of Mexico City


That moment … at the airport of Mexico City It was over. After spending three marvellous months in Mexico it was time for me to leave again. I already had flown into Mexico City from Monterrey in the North and now I was here at the international airport of Mx City. I could cry – I love it here so much: wonderful colleagues, great trips, awesome parties, pretty cool adventures…