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Giraffe Centre Nairobi Kenya

Nairobi: Giraffes, Rafting, Tea & so much more

Nairobi is so much more than just the capital I was really suprised at how many things can be seen and done in Nairobi! From museums to bungee jumping to tea plantations and soggy giraffe kisses. Have you ever touched an elephant or wanted to know what it feels like? Yes? Then Nairobi is the right city for you. Below you can find my favourite things to do in Nairobi…

Safari Tansania

How much are 12 days in Kenya and Tanzania incl. Safaris?

12 Days in Kenya and Tanzania – How much is it? Kenya and Tanzania were part of my journey around the world. And today I want to give you a short insight of what I’ve seen in those two countries as well as how much every single detail was. The Itinerary for 12 Days Day 1: Arrival in Nairobi, Kenya and transfer to Arusha, Tanzania Day 2: Budget Camping Safari Ngorongoro Crater National Park Day 3: Budget…