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New Delhi cheap options

Cheap things to do in New Delhi in one day

Truth to be said: India can be overwhelming for many travellers. Many use New Delhi as their starting and finishing point. So did I and used it more or less as a home base for my 11 day trip through Northern India. New Delhi is a huge city and getting from one end to the other can be a journey itself. Of course, there are many historic places and museums…

India first class train

India by rail – First class overnight + packing list

India by rail – First class overnight Let’s talk India! Many, many of you recommended to travel India by rail. First thing I did when I arrived in New Delhi was to go and buy train tickets to Varanasi. Although I was looking to book the trains 6 (!) days in advance most of the train tickets were gone. In most classes. I wanted to take the night train from…