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17 Reasons why Scotland is a Harry Potter Fan’s Dream come true


17 Reasons why you should visit Scotland if you are a Harry Potter Fan Some of you might wonder why I’m so fond of Scotland!? Mhhhh let me tell you this: I went there without knowing that it is a Harry Potter fans real life dream! Not only did JK Rowling start writing the legendary Harry Potter series in Edinburgh, but also finished them there! Submerge yourself even deeper into the magical…

Meteora must see Greece

5 Must-Sees and Letdowns around Greece


I’ve been waiting for the right time to share this post with you! I should be in Greece right now, but I had to cancel last-minute. The ups and downs of life I guess! But nevertheless let me show you my 5 Must-Sees and Letdowns around Greece! Greece is such a diverse country in every dimension – reaching from the great islands in the Mediterranean Sea to great mountains and…