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Majorca – what to do besides hardcore partying


Majorca – what to do besides hardcore partying I don’t what it is like where you are from but here people interrelate Majorca with drinking and partying it up in Magaluf. This is such a shame and it even saddens me a little. Majorca has so much to offer and that’s why I spent 10 days there in August and took a look around for you. We stayed at a…

Caminito del Rey

Will you dare? The most dangerous hike in the world: Caminito del Rey in Spain


Caminito del Rey – the most dangerous hike in the world? Frightening heights, a narrow valley with sheer rock walls, a small wooden path, … to some this might sound terrifying, to me it sounds challenging. And that’s the reason why I chose to travel to Spain once more and revisit Andalusia. Not only National Geographic and The Washington Post loved and wrote about it, but also Lonely Planet dedicated an article to the…

Easter Palm Sunday Procession Ronda

Easter in Andalusia: Palm Sunday Procession in Ronda


Palm Sunday Procession through Ronda in Andalusia To the Spaniards the Holy weeks is indeed holy – and that’s the reason why they celebrate it. Especially in the south, in Andalusia it is celebrated at a large scale. During the whole Holy Week many processions throughout the cities take place. More than a hundert people are part of those processions. The Processions In Spain many so-called hermandades – brotherhoods –…

a perfect day in garrotxa

How to spend a perfect day in Garrotxa, Spain


How to spend a perfect day in Garrotxa, Spain Welcome to Garrotxa! Never heard of it before? Don’t worry! Before I discovered it I didn’t know about it either! Located in the North-Eastern part of Catalonia, it is a region that most tourists don’t go to when visiting Barcelona or regions within Catalonia. It is so worth a visit, so much nature, so much authenticity, so much Spain! The more I…

Conquering Teide Tenerife Walking Festivall

First Tenerife Walking Festival – Conquering Teide


First Tenerife Walking Festival – Conquering Teide Long before I first visited Tenerife I wanted to climb the impressive Teide. Spain’s highest mountain and active volcano can be spotted from almost every point of the island. Rising in the centre of the island it combines three once independent islands to what we now know as Tenerife. On cloudless days the white peak salutes and invites you to enjoy the amazing view over…

Teide - a comprehensive hiker's packing list

Teide – a comprehensive hiker’s packing list


Teide – a comprehensive hiker’s packing list Mountains are impressive, but not everyone enjoys them the same way. I had the amazing chance to hike up the active volcano Teide on Tenerife in March 2015. The most recommended way of conquering Teide is to hike up to the Refugio de Altavista, stay overnight and get up early and watch the sun rise as you climb to the peak. reservations for…