Jackpot Upper Austria

… or the reason why I'm switching the state

No, I didn't win the lottery – at least no millions have been transferred to my account. What I'm sharing with you today is still very exciting:

Everything will change!

Well, maybe not everything, but a looooooot! Changes are exciting, really exciting! Many things are changing or have already changed.

How should I even start? In the last couple of weeks, my world turned upside down – in the most positive way of course!

Three important things are changing completely. And I'm super looking forward to every single one! But now: enough tension – all three things happen to involve the Austrian state Upper Austria:

Upper Austria, Nr° 1

.. new job! Jiiipiii!

As of today, I'm supporting an online marketing agency in Linz as an Influencer Marketeer. Meaning I will be dealing with amazing bloggers and great companies, managing projects and – the best part – even get paid for it! Could it get even better? YES!

Upper Austria, Nr° 2

.. I'm going back to university!

A couple of months ago I started with the preparations: tried to get the words from my head down to paper for the letter of intent, redid my CV, checked the financials and managed to survive the multiple-hours-tests and the interview!

Only a few days ago I received an email saying that I had been accepted to the university of applied sciences in Steyr in Upper Austria.

I'm going back to university in September and I can't wait!


Upper Austria, Nr° 3

.. new city!

If you have been paying attention, you'll already know what is the third thing: Bye bye Styria and hello Upper Austria! I'm moving to Linz!

I'm moving in with my lovely boyfriend! You've already seen him on some of the photos that I shared on this blog and of course Instagram and Facebook.

By the way: I'm writing this post already in Linz 🙂

Keep on travelling


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