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Hike Anton Schosser
tobia adventure

Tobia = Daytrip from Bogotá with loads of Adrenaline

An adventure filled day in Tobia Adrenaline, water and sports – that was my plan for a day trip to Tobia. Tobia is not far from Bogota but it took me about an hour to leave the city (yep, Bogota is huge!). Here is why you should definitely spend a day in Tobia and my personal to do list: Adrenaline, fun and a loooot of water My day started at

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Why Europe is the Right Choice For All Kinds of Trips

Europe Is Perfect for Any Kind of Trip Advertisement Europe is for adventurers, road-trippers, landscape-gazers, city-hoppers, beach-relaxers…well yes, Europe is the perfect destination because it’s diverse and you’ll never get bored here. Let me show you the most intriguing things you can do around Europe. Europe for Adventurers Have you ever thought about exploring a cave that’s usually closed to the public? In Austria, there are a couple of great caves that

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2014 review Chronic Wanderlust

136 days, 13 trips and 8 countries travelled in 2014

136 days, 13 trips and 8 countries! That was 2014!! Munich, Germany – February My dear friend Sophie got a work and travel visa for Canada for a year! How exciting is that! Saying goodbye is never easy, but we always skype and since we never lived very close we never got to spend a lot of time together offline. She is one of my closest friends and a travel nerd

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Statue of Liberty, Staten Island, Ground Zero, Financial District, Times Square and Broadway – Challenge Nr. 6

Hi there my fellow Wanderlusters! First things first: I’ve partnered up with Touchnote who do the great postcards with your own pictures – and I’ll be sending 50 postcards to randomly selected people, who liked and commented on my post on the Austrian Airlines Facebook page. Or Google+ and Twitter. Just put your name and address here and I’ll write one to you too. Lady Liberty – The statue of Liberty – Last challenge

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places visited chronic wanderlust

My trips so far

View Chronic Wanderlust on a larger map Yellowish Stars — Find links to articles on the blog Blue Pins — already visited Green squares — part of my round the world trip I love writing about my travels, here are some posts Mexico Mexico is so much more than Cancun About spending Christmas in Mexico (again) Whale sharks in Yucatán Airport Moment Diving in Cenotes Bungee Jumping Diving in Pet Cemetery Cenote Scotland Reasons

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Fort Lauderdale Wassersport

Fort Lauderdale: Off into the water

When I think back to my road trip through Florida a few years ago, I can’t even turn off the cinema inside my head. Especially the sea with its thousands of shades of blues has impressed me. One of my stops on the trip was the coastal city Fort Lauderdale – also known as the Venice of America. In this blog story you’ll find out why divers and snorkelers will like it here:

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