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Hike Anton Schosser
Non diving activities Bonaire

Non Diving Activities in Bonaire

Activities on Bonaire if you aren’t a diver – or just feel like staying out of the water for a day *   *or if you have to board a plane the next day. Bonaire is a small island. Nevertheless, there is quite a lot of things you can experience while visiting that do NOT involve diving. But if you happen to visit Bonaire and are not yet a diver

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My words in different places

My words in different places Imagine this: I don’t only write for my blog, but also frequently (and not so frequently) for other blogs, newspapers, magazines and other media out there. I’m a frequent contributor to a last minute booking platform in Austria, the Dubai Metro Magazine READ, a photo magazine and also write for Written by my or about me Place of Employment: World, Trend Magazine (Austrian economics

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Travel Resolutions for 2017

Travel Resolutions for 2017 Another year has gone by and many of the usual resolutions (like losing weight, learning a new language, moving abroad, …) have not been fulfilled and let’s be honest: the moment we wrote them down or thought about them, we knew already that they wouldn’t be accomplished anyway. That’s why I’ve started to do just travel resolutions for the last years and most of those promises to

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