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Hike Anton Schosser

1 Weekend, 4 Countries and 1 Cabriolet

… a unique road trip which can probably only be done in Europe Once upon a time there was a little girl. This little girl longed to see the world. She saved every penny for adventures both big and small. The little girl got bigger but her plans never changed. It took her 23 years to visit all the countries bordering her home country. This is the story of a

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Cascadas El Chiflon

Mexico is so much more than Cancun – 7 + 1 reasons to travel to Mexico

¡Viva Mexico! And why Cancun isn’t Mexico I challenge you to experience more of Mexico than only touristy spots  Cancun, Tulum or even Playa del Carmen. When you tell me you’ve been to Mexico and haven’t set a foot outside your resort, I shake my head and pity you. I also challenge you to see more than those cruise ship towns like Cozumel. There is so much more to see

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Bridge between US and CA

Niagara Falls – worth a visit?

Niagara Falls – worth a visit? Niagara Falls is so popular with tourists. Many say they love the falls, others simply hate them. But why? What’s so special about Niagara Falls?   Well, first of all the three falls straddle the international border between the United States and Canada. More specifically they are the border between Ontario, Canada and the State of New York, USA. The three falls are called „Horseshoe

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The Dirndl

In this section of my blog I’ll show you pictures of the Dirndl travelling the World! I started travelling with my Dirndl long before this blog existed and take great photos all around the globe. The Dirndl is the traditional Austrian dress and not only worn on Sundays and holidays. I’ve already taken my dress on a round the world trip and keep the motto: A Dirndl travelling the World!

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Destinations RTW

Around the World in 72 Days – Destinations revealed

Around the World in 72 Days – Destinations revealed My fellow wanderlusters, travellers, lovers of the unknown and adventurers! Today I want to share with you my trip itinerary that I kept a secret – until now. It’s time to share the destinations with you and also some of the things I plan on doing: The ultimate RTW-itinerary for 2.5 months The first spot I’m going to visit is ….

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Curious Dishes: Surströmming – why do people eat rotten Herring?

After visiting Sweden some years ago and falling in love with this amazing, diverse Scandinavian country I returned in February this year. Since one of my dearest friends is from Skelleftea we decided to go on a road trip and concentrate on the most Northern part of her home country. We spent a night in snow and ice in Jukkasjärvi, visited and shopped at the traditional Sami market in Jokkmokk, spent

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Meteora must see Greece

5 Must-Sees and Letdowns around Greece

I’ve been waiting for the right time to share this post with you! I should be in Greece right now, but I had to cancel last-minute. The ups and downs of life I guess! But nevertheless let me show you my 5 Must-Sees and Letdowns around Greece! Greece is such a diverse country in every dimension – reaching from the great islands in the Mediterranean Sea to great mountains and

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New here?

Welcome! Are you new to my blog? First time visitor or returning wanderluster? On Chronic Wanderlust you will find the best travel hacks, overrated and underrated destinations, stories from a journal from abroad and so much more! Not sure what to pack? Continue reading my ultimate travel packing list! Travel hacks What does a road trip in Canada cost? Travel planner – travel diary Portable mobile charger Staying in hostels

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Viktoria Urbanek Bucket List Reisen

My Adventure List

I’ve updated, revised and changed the structure of this particular page more than 50 times. It never felt quite right, so I decided to try again and give this travel wish list of adventures and experiences yet another look and structure it a bit differently. So here we go: Goals I seek to accomplish in 2020 Travel to five countries I haven’t been to before Go ice diving in Austria

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Travel Blog and Scuba Diving Blog from Austria

Welcome to Chronic Wanderlust There’s no cure for wanderlust – believe me, I’ve tried everything! This travel and dive blog is dedicated to the curious and ambitious travellers out there. Let’s explore the exciting underwater worlds of the seven seas (as well as local lakes and rivers), drive along the most stunning roads and share our love for the unknown and faraway. Will you join me on the next adventure?

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Media & PR

Media & PR Let’s work together Chronic Wanderlust was founded in 2013 by Austrian Viktoria Urbanek while studying abroad in Spain for a year. Since then she appeared several times on TV in Austria and Germany and is frequently featured in newspapers and magazines. She is a certified dive guide and makes a living as a blogger, social media editor and content creator. Chronic Wanderlust is a blog about scuba

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Meet Viktoria Urbanek, the team and Chronic Wanderlust Viktoria dives, travels and blogs. I lost my heart to the ocean. Do more of what makes you happy! This is the mantra I live by. It’s so simple yet so effective and encourages me every day to live a happier life and achieve my dreams. I’m Viktoria, and my heart belongs to the ocean. My backpack is always ready for new adventures

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