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A Weekend in the Desert of Tatacoa – or I wish I was at the Pool already

A Weekend in the Desert of Tatacoa It’s about to be midnight and I’m cold. Even though I’ve chosen Bogotá because of its mild climate, I tend to forget about it from time to time. I cross one of the city’s main highways on the pedestrian bridge and finally find the others. Together with other students, we are travelling to the Desert of Tatacoa with Outlanders Colombia. The night bus

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Discover Colombia’s Coffee Region (even if you don’t like Coffee)

Discover Colombia’s Coffee Region (even if you don’t like Coffee) This part of Colombia is also known as the Zona Cafetera, or most commonly the Eje Cafetero – that’s also how the Colombians refer to it. It’s just magical there, it’s like a trip far, far away from Colombia. Far away from politics and problems that are still present in the country (but have really decreased), just right there in the

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hiking in the rain

10 Smart Tips For Hiking in The Rain

10 Smart Tips For Hiking in The Rain I know checking the weather is part of the routine when you’re planning a hike, but sometimes we just have to face the rain. For instance, areas that are close to large bodies of water have a higher chance of getting rain than sectors that don’t. There’s more to it than I can explain, but it’s all part of nature and science.

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Out of country and out of money – what to do?!

What you can do if you run out of money while out of country Advertisement It is the traveller’s most feared nightmare: not being able to access money while abroad. Maybe the cash machine is broken, the credit card stolen or the card limit maxed out.  It’s happened to me more than once and not knowing how to pay for dinner is scary.  Incident number 1: Blocked account in India  I tried to withdraw

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First Week in Colombia – Impressions

Colombia – First Impressions Exactly one week ago I arrived in Colombia – the first week of many has passed. Some of you might know that I’ll be spending some months in Bogotá studying at one of the country’s best (and most expensive) universities. I’ve already lived in neighbouring Venezuela a couple of years ago, so much is familiar and I’ve felt somewhat home right from the beginning. Most of

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How to fix your Backpack or Transport Cover full of Holes

How to fix your Backpack or Transport Cover full of Holes Backpacks are simply great! They are perfect for travelling! I love and adore my backpacks! But on one of my recent trips the unthinkable happened! My backpack was covered in stains and holes! Apparently, airline and ground staff didn’t pick up my backpack off of the floor but simply dragged it through the dirt  and so it came back to me

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I have a Gift for you

I have a Gift for you Christmas is approaching fast and this year is actually the first year that I spend Christmas in Austria and not abroad like I did the last two years. I had chosen to fly to Mexico and enjoy my holidays exploring the underwater world or with a backpack and eating way too many Quesadillas. To be completely honest, that was the plan for this year

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