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Hike Anton Schosser

Inspiring Female Dive Bloggers to follow when you crave the Ocean

Female Dive Bloggers that are as inspiring as the Ocean My fellow bubble makers! I’ve reached out to some really amazing dive bloggers out there and I’m super happy and proud to present some of them here. They are from all over the world, have taken so many different courses and we all share one thing: loving the ocean and not getting enough of diving. I’ve asked them all the

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tobia adventure

Tobia = Daytrip from Bogotá with loads of Adrenaline

An adventure filled day in Tobia Adrenaline, water and sports – that was my plan for a day trip to Tobia. Tobia is not far from Bogota but it took me about an hour to leave the city (yep, Bogota is huge!). Here is why you should definitely spend a day in Tobia and my personal to do list: Adrenaline, fun and a loooot of water My day started at

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two passports all you need to know

Two Passports? All you need to know

Two Passports – is that possible and why? Certain countries don’t get along that well and others require visas that need some time to get. So what can you do when your passport is at an embassy and you need to travel? —> Get a second passport! At least in Austria it’s possible to own two passports. Who’s eligible, why get one and what the differences are, that’s all covered

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diving san andrés

Diving in San Andrés with Blue Life

Diving San Andrés with Blue Life Crystal clear water, warm water, colourful fish = that’s what awaits you when diving San Andrés! Little over two hours by plane is what it takes to get from Bogotá to San Andrés. A bit of mainland and the rest is ocean! San Andrés is located near Nicaragua and most people wouldn’t think it belongs to Colombia. And exactly this island was my destination

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Chingaza National Park – a Weekend away from Bogotá

Chingaza National Park – a Weekend getaway from Bogotá The more time I spend in cities the more I need to be away from them – living now in a huuuugge city like Bogotá it’s a lot! I need this silence, the tranquility more than ever. No bustling junctions and life-risking scooters. No forced cuddling in the bus in the morning, no loud and noisy street vendors that try to

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San Andres Sound Bay

How much are 4 days on San Andrés including Diving?

How much are 4 days on San Andrés including Diving? I love lists and breaking down costs – so that’s why I wrote down everything I spent during my 4-day-trip to San Andrés in Colombia. I’ve also gathered a lot of recommendations for you here as well. Itinerary for 4 days on San Andrés Day 0: arriving in San Andrés late night, after a flight from Bogotá (approx. 2 hours flight time)

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San Andres Kolumbien

San Andrés Travel Tips – a Paradise for Divers with Perils

San Andrés Travel Tips – a Paradise for Divers with Perils A two-hour flight from Bogotá, off the Nicaraguan coast, is a little island paradise – or at least that’s what I was promised by many Colombians and Google image search. It is a paradise for divers, but the rest of the island did not impress me at all. If anything, it got me thinking… I flew with Viva Colombia and landed

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Travel Resolutions for 2017

Travel Resolutions for 2017 Another year has gone by and many of the usual resolutions (like losing weight, learning a new language, moving abroad, …) have not been fulfilled and let’s be honest: the moment we wrote them down or thought about them, we knew already that they wouldn’t be accomplished anyway. That’s why I’ve started to do just travel resolutions for the last years and most of those promises to

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Why I won’t use my Return Ticket from Mexico

Why I won’t use my Return Ticket from Mexico It’s the time! I’m excited as if it was Christmas again! It’s that time for adventures again! You might already know that I decided to go back to university in Fall. The Master’s programme that I’m studying brings a lot of travelling with it. The next big thing might just be temporary, but I’m happy to share this with you: I’ll

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I’m going to Chile!

Chile, Chile, Chile – I’m going to Chile By the time you’ll read this I’m either in Madrid or just landed in Santiago de Chile. Finally! The time has come to be on a long haul flight again! The first flight to Madrid takes about three hours. and from there it’s another 13 (!!) hours to Santiago. Without a layover anywhere in the USA or anywhere else in Latin America.

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Travel Chronicles Chronic Wanderlust

Travel Logbook

Chronic Wanderlust Travel Chronicles These are the chronicles of my travels, starting back then in 1992! Follow up my story of travelling, my love for the unknown and the heart of a wanderluster! Info: Many trips within Austria are not listed as they are countless! 2017 January: Mexico + Colombia January to June: Colombia April: Galapagos, Ecuador June: Aruba, Bonaire + Curaçao July to August: Canada 2016 January: Belize + Mexico

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Favourite (Travel) Books chosen by Travel Bloggers

Favourite (Travel) Books chosen by Travel Bloggers Many of us do dream a lot about the upcoming trip, anything near or further away. Why not taking a trip in your bed or living room by escaping the real world with a great book with vivid descriptions and fantasies come true? For this reason I asked a couple great travel bloggers to share their favourite (travel) books. Sara from This Girl

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