Cozumel Diving

Don’t dive in Cozumel


Don’t ever dive in Cozumel There’s this little island. It belongs to Mexico and some of you might have heard about it. Many cruise ships (eewwww!) stop here. Others may know it because the diving is supposed to be “oh so spectacular”. Here is why you should never, and I mean never ever, dive in Cozumel: The reefs are ugly and there are hardly any fish left in the sea…

Kreditkarte gehackt

Diagnosis: Credit Card hacked – or why I own 2 Credit Cards


Diagnosis: Credit Card hacked – or why I own 2 Credit Cards It happened again! It frightens at first and then it’s just annoying. What am I talking about? My credit card got copied or hacked for the second time now. And I’m far from home and everything seems complicated when it really isn’t. Diagnosis: Credit Card hacked or cloned Back when I lived in Spain my credit card got…

Fort Lauderdale Wassersport

Fort Lauderdale: Off into the water


When I think back to my road trip through Florida a few years ago, I can’t even turn off the cinema inside my head. Especially the sea with its thousands of shades of blues has impressed me. One of my stops on the trip was the coastal city Fort Lauderdale – also known as the Venice of America. In this blog story you’ll find out why divers and snorkelers will like it here: