The Dirndl

A Dirndl travelling the World

Dirndl Time

In this section of my blog I'll show you pictures of the Dirndl travelling the World!

I started travelling with my Dirndl long before this blog existed and take great photos all around the globe. The Dirndl is the traditional Austrian dress and not only worn on Sundays and holidays.

I've already taken my dress on a round the world trip and keep the motto: A Dirndl travelling the World! So the Dirndl has seen places like Mexico, Indonesia, Guatemala, Belize, Canada, Venezuela, Spain, Chile, United Arab Emirates, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand and many, many more! Are you curious what places are up next?

I'm updating this page frequently with some of the best shots of myself in my beloved Dirndl. Let's share the love!

Come back soon to check more pictures of the Dirndl travelling the World!

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