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Chronic Wanderlust

I’m Viki – the blogger, travel enthusiast and scuba diver behind this blog.

Yes, I’m the one with the Dirndl – the traditional Austrian dress. A bit after I started this travel blog I began to bring my Dirndl on my travels. Over the years, I’ve taken it to more than 40 countries.

In the past ten years I was fortunate to live and work abroad for long periods of time. I called Venezuela, Spain, Colombia, Mexico and China my home. Now, I live in Enns, Austria with my husband and our beloved cat.

I’m equally passionate about travelling as I am with scuba diving. In 2015, I became a divemaster and professional dive guide in Mexico.

Five random facts about me

I deeply care for sharks and donate to Sea Shepherd every year.

My biggest travel dream is to scuba dive in Antarctica one day.

I'm a bookwork - I try to read one book per week.

If I could ban one vegetable from this planet, it would be bell peppers.

I was a background actor on the Netflix show Narcos.

Scuol Urlaub Ferien Wandern

What is

Chronic Wanderlust?

I am absolutely convinced that severe cases of wanderlust are incurable. As a result of my chronic case of wanderlust (hence the name Chronic Wanderlust) this travel and scuba diving blog was created back in 2013.

Today Chronic Wanderlust is the largest blog in Austria that covers all things scuba diving and travelling.

Chronic Wanderlust is the place where you can expect to find in-depth travel guides, travel tips, recommendations about scuba diving and sometimes even a few photography tips!

There’s no cure for wanderlust.
Believe me, I’ve tried everything!

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