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Love Letter to Tbilisi

A Love Letter to Tbilisi

Dear თბილისი,⁣ thinking of you has made my day. Many vivid memories brighten up my mood and as if the thoughts of you were brushes freshly …

How much are three days in Singapore

How much are 3 days in Singapore incl. Gardens by the Bay & Hiking

3 Days in Singapore in a capsule hotel – How much is it? Singapore, Singapore, Singapore – I’m fascinated by how this tiny country managed to get so many travellers to stay for a few days. And all thanks to their airport really. It is a major hub in Asia. I haven’t met many people that actually planned a trip to Singapore – most of the travellers are travelling through. But…

horror dive bali indonesia

Horror dive in Bali

Horror dive in Bali or the importance of proper dive briefings and knowing your limits I had finally arrived in Bali. One of the most talked about islands since the book and movie Eat, Pray, Love by Liz Gilbert got well-known around the globe. I wanted to see everything and experience the island the best way possible. For me this surely includes the ocean and therefore diving. My flight to…


7 Reasons to visit Istanbul

7 Reasons to visit Istanbul 1. Low prized destination From Austria, you can book a flight to Istanbul for under 100 € (round trip). There, the hostel we stayed was 11 € including really good breakfast in a common room on the sixth floor with view over the Marmara Sea in walking distance to Hagia Sofia. Of course, if you prefer more luxury than a dorm in a hostel, it…

New Delhi cheap options

Cheap things to do in New Delhi in one day

Truth to be said: India can be overwhelming for many travellers. Many use New Delhi as their starting and finishing point. So did I and used it more or less as a home base for my 11 day trip through Northern India. New Delhi is a huge city and getting from one end to the other can be a journey itself. Of course, there are many historic places and museums…

India first class train

India by rail – First class overnight + packing list

India by rail – First class overnight Let’s talk India! Many, many of you recommended to travel India by rail. First thing I did when I arrived in New Delhi was to go and buy train tickets to Varanasi. Although I was looking to book the trains 6 (!) days in advance most of the train tickets were gone. In most classes. I wanted to take the night train from…