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A Love Letter to Jerusalem


Dear Jerusalem,⁣⁣ You are one of the very few cities outside of Europe that I’ve been to on several occasions. You’ve sparked so much interest and curiosity that I couldn’t stay away for long.⁣

Travelling in Israel FAQ


Israel – about travelling in the Holy Land & frequently asked questions I frequently receive emails and messages from friends but also from complete strangers requesting information about travelling to Israel. The questions are always the same hence why I have decided to write this article (which will be updated frequently): Is Israel safe? Counterquestion: Is Paris safe? Is Graz safe? Is California safe? My answer: it depends! Dress appropriately…

Christmas Tree Lightening Jordan

I went to Jordan to see their Christmas Tree


Let’s go to Jordan to see their christmas tree It’s christmas time and many of you have already put up a wonderful christmas tree and decorated it nicely. Christmas without a tree is not really christmas, isn’t it? Although I’ve spent christmas abroad a couple of times already (and will do so this year), I do miss the traditions that come with the christmas time in December. A few weeks…

It is time to say „Dubai“ …


It is time to say „Dubai“ … that’s what one of my mates said in June last year. We had just decided to go on a short trip away. Wanting to take advantage of being able to fly at a reduced fare on Austrian Airline flights we chose DUBAI as our destination! Day 1: On 7th of June 2014 we took the !very! early morning train to Vienna at 5:45…

How much are 3 Days in Dubai without missing out on fun


How much are 3 Days in Dubai without missing out on fun I spent full three days in the crazy city of Dubai – here I share my expenses throughout my entire trip – excluding airfare! Note: This trip was part of my Traum.Welt.Reise – “Around the World in 72 Days” project with Marco Polo and Marco Polo TV this summer.

dubai dont miss out on fun

Dubai: What to do in this fantasy world


Dubai: What to do in this fantasy world Get underwater at the Aquarium of Atlantis Hotel The Atlantis Hotel is located at the very top of the well-known Palm. The whole hotel complex is huge and seems to be more an adventure park than a hotel. The Aquaventure Water Park should not be missed – although I had to skip it this time because of lack of time (what a…

Debut for Dubai

Dubai Debut – Is this the real life, is this just fantasy? Tips for your first visit


Dubai for Beginners – Is this the real life, is this just fantasy? Who of you recognized the “Bohemian Rhapsody” song from Queen? …. Escape from reality! Open your eyes, look up to the sky and see! … This pretty much describes how I experienced the crazy and mad city of Dubai! Sand, sand and more sand is the picture you get when looking out of your airplane window whilst flying…

Israel Hiking Wadi Qelt

Hiking through Wadi Qelt


Hiking through Wadi Qelt Israel – a country rich in culture, religion, people, …. but wait! It is even more than that! Have you ever thought of hiking your way through the Holy Land? The unique landscape, the different areas, Wadis, mountains, deserts, lakes and seas are great to do so! There are many great trails winding their way through Israel such as the Gospel Trail, The Israel Trail and…

Israel Hiking Packing List

Hiking in Israel – the ultimate Packing List


Hiking in Israel – the ultimate Packing List Hiking gets more and more common. Israel is a hip country to travel to. Why not combine the two and discover the Holy Land by hiking and walking? Follow the footsteps of Jesus through Galilee, the Judean Desert, the Wadis, Negev and many more! Keep in mind that the climate in Israel is dry and hot – even in winter the temperatures won’t…

Israel travel tips

Israel Travel Tips // Israel 101 // Israel for Beginners


Shalom my fellow Wanderlusters! Israel is a diverse country in every single aspect. I got the chance to visit this beautiful and historically important country on the Asian continent. Israel Travel Tips // Israel 101 // Israel for Beginners General The official languages are Hebrew and Arabic Remember Shalom and Toda Raba which mean Hello and Thank you in Hebrew As-salam alaykom and šukran in Arabic Jerusalem is the capital, Tel Aviv…

5 spots love tel aviv

5 Spots that will make you love Tel Aviv


  5 Spots that will make you love Tel Aviv Shalom my fellow Wanderlusters! Most travellers arrive at Ben Gurion International Airport in Tel Aviv when they start their journey through Israel. Don’t start your trip in Israel by heading off to other parts of the country but get to know the mix of tradition and innovation that is Tel Aviv. I had no idea of what Tel Aviv was…