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Texas Bucket List Reisen

Let’s Texas: My Texas Bucket List

You’re planning a trip to Texas? Be inspired by my Texas bucket list and discover the second largest state in the USA! Let’s start planning your Texas trip!

Fort Lauderdale Wassersport

Fort Lauderdale: Off into the water

When I think back to my road trip through Florida a few years ago, I can’t even turn off the cinema inside my head. Especially the sea with its thousands of shades of blues has impressed me. One of my stops on the trip was the coastal city Fort Lauderdale – also known as the Venice of America. In this blog story you’ll find out why divers and snorkelers will like it here:

2 Week Road trip through Ontario and Quebec

2 Week Road Trip through Ontario and Quebec – Canada for First-timers

2 Week Road Trip through Ontario and Quebec – Canada for First-timers The decision Canada is famous for its remarkable landscapes, endless views and beautiful cities. Needlessness to say that a two-week road trip to Ontario and Quebec are not enough to see it all, but it is a great introduction to Canada! Need more reasons to visit the second largest country on earth? It is THE perfect place for…

Cascadas El Chiflon

Mexico is so much more than Cancun – 7 + 1 reasons to travel to Mexico

¡Viva Mexico! And why Cancun isn’t Mexico I challenge you to experience more of Mexico than only touristy spots  Cancun, Tulum or even Playa del Carmen. When you tell me you’ve been to Mexico and haven’t set a foot outside your resort, I shake my head and pity you. I also challenge you to see more than those cruise ship towns like Cozumel. There is so much more to see…

Mexican Christmas Tree

About spending Christmas in Mexico (again)

What’s like to spend Christmas solo in Mexico (again) The preface I got called heartless for not spending Christmas with my family. And before you judge me, I thought the same just a few years back. How can one not want to spend Christmas at home? To me it’s not that I don’t want to spend quality time with my family, but there is this urge in me to go…

Bridge between US and CA

Niagara Falls – worth a visit?

Niagara Falls – worth a visit? Niagara Falls is so popular with tourists. Many say they love the falls, others simply hate them. But why? What’s so special about Niagara Falls?   Well, first of all the three falls straddle the international border between the United States and Canada. More specifically they are the border between Ontario, Canada and the State of New York, USA. The three falls are called „Horseshoe…

Road trip Canada costs

How much is a road trip in Canada? Breaking down all the costs!

Road tripping the Provinces Ontario and Quebec! You are thinking about a road trip in Canada, but you are unsure about the costs of it? I will tell you how much I spent on my rental car including gas and other fees! The route I started my journey in Montreal and made the following stops on my way around: Gananoque and 1000 islands national park * Kingston * Toronto Stratford* Niagara Falls…

Cenote Diving – Best moment of Summer 2014

Cenotes: underground cave and cavern systems in Yucatán I got into diving in 2010. My mum had told me to go and try it, because she used to dive a lot during our holidays in Turkey. I’ve never given it much thought. “It’s another world down there” is what I’ve heard people saying about it. While being on exchange in Venezuela I got certified and kept going with the courses…

Pet cemetery diving cenote

Pet Cemetery Cenote – Mayan Underworld

Mayan Underworld Yucatan has the world’s largest underground rivers system, there are over a thousand of them and hundreds of miles of water filled tunnels beneath the limestone surface of the Peninsula, they are called CENOTES and there is nothing like it anywhere else in the world. The underworld of the cenotes is probably one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen. The water is around 23 C° and…

Bungee Jumping Cancun Chronic Wanderlust

Bungee Jumping in Cancún, Mexico – Do one thing that scares you everyday!

Bungee Jumping in Cancún, Mexico Do one thing that scares you every day! There was just one question rising in my head: Why did I decide I wanted to do that? My mind went off: What if the rope breaks and I end up falling and falling and falling and falling and hitting the water? Pure fear and anxiety came over me. Why was I so stupid? I stood at…

1000 islands gananoque kingston canada ontario

1000 Islands, Gananoque and Kingston

I fell in love with Gananoque the moment I arrived. The first town that I was about to explore and enjoy on my trip to Canada this summer. I’m not too much into big cities and high buildings, so I felt welcomed in the area known as 1000 Islands Gananoque When I wandered through the streets of this town seemed so calm and this feeling continued. The southeast part of the…

Summer of 2014 – Canada, Mexico and Florida

Hi there my fellow Wanderlusters, Summer of 2014 – Canada, Mexico and Florida As I’m writing this I’m sitting in a crowded and for my taste too loud Heathrow Airport in London waiting for my connection flights. More than 24 hours travelling to get to the first stop of my two-month trip! The weather was great today and we flew over the centre of London and I was able to…