Packing Lists

What should you pack for that trip to Mexico? What shouldn’t be left behind when packing for a hiking trip to Tenerife? What should be in your bag when travelling to China? Are you planning a trip to Israel – read below what to bring!

Packing List Colombia – everything you’ll need for your trip


Packing List Colombia – everything you’ll need for your trip Colombia is pure diversity and it won’t be a boring trip at all. No matter if you want to travel Colombia for a few weeks or even months, this packing list will help you pack the things you need on your trip. Don’t trust the weather forecast When my boyfriend visited me in Bogotá and a bit later my best…

Packing List for Chile in August and September – Winter in Chile


Packing List for Chile in the Winter – August and September Chile is a wonderful country and I can only highly recommend a visit. Travel Chile in the winter, not summer. But careful – winter is from July to September and summer from December to February! February is peak season in Chile and I heard horror stories of sold out or even over-booked accommodations and super busy tourist attractions. I…

India first class train

India by rail – First class overnight + packing list


India by rail – First class overnight Let’s talk India! Many, many of you recommended to travel India by rail. First thing I did when I arrived in New Delhi was to go and buy train tickets to Varanasi. Although I was looking to book the trains 6 (!) days in advance most of the train tickets were gone. In most classes. I wanted to take the night train from…

Packing list budget camping safari

Packing list for your budget camping safari in Tanzania


Packing list for your budget camping safari in Tanzania When you are travelling to Africa and find yourself going on a budget safari like Absolute Africa this list will help you pack the right things for your adventure: Documents and cash cash for visa upon arrival OR get the visa beforehand at your local embassy cash in local currency spare cash in USD or in Euros valid passport for at…

Summer Weekend Trip Essentials


“Summer Weekend Trip Essentials” Have you ever found yourself in a hotel room with enough clothes to last a couple of weeks? Or several pairs of shoes when you only need some flip flops? Absolutey no problem if you aren’t on a short weekend trip! It is super easy to overpack. Lets be honest – we have all done it. Just recently I got the Numinous 25L Daypack for reviewing purposes…

Israel Hiking Packing List

Hiking in Israel – the ultimate Packing List


Hiking in Israel – the ultimate Packing List Hiking gets more and more common. Israel is a hip country to travel to. Why not combine the two and discover the Holy Land by hiking and walking? Follow the footsteps of Jesus through Galilee, the Judean Desert, the Wadis, Negev and many more! Keep in mind that the climate in Israel is dry and hot – even in winter the temperatures won’t…

Teide - a comprehensive hiker's packing list

Teide – a comprehensive hiker’s packing list


Teide – a comprehensive hiker’s packing list Mountains are impressive, but not everyone enjoys them the same way. I had the amazing chance to hike up the active volcano Teide on Tenerife in March 2015. The most recommended way of conquering Teide is to hike up to the Refugio de Altavista, stay overnight and get up early and watch the sun rise as you climb to the peak. reservations for…

My packing list for New York City #BloggerChallenge


Let’s discover my packing list for the  Austrian Airlines Blogger Challenge to New York City. Thanks to you my dear friends,  I will be going to New York City as one of  two finalists for  the Austrian Airlines #BloggerChallenge. Together with Jovana, who is from Serbia. We will be doing our best to complete various challenges and blog about them daily.  (hopefully- not making any big promises yet) So here…

Packing List China – Featured by Her Packing List


Hi there, as you might know I got featured by Her Packing List- I wrote an article about my personal essential “Packing List China”! “So China it was! I’ve always dreamed about going there exploring the ancient culture and meeting new exciting people! I got chosen for an internship in Liaoning province, the one next to North Korea for 7 weeks from end of July to early September. My weekends…

Packing List for Overnight Busses and Trains


Packing List for Overnight Busses and Trains Clothes long tracksuit bottoms: to keep you warm and comfy extra pair of socks: I prefer woollen socks to put on top of my normal socks to keep me warm (because I take of my shoes on busses and trains) sweater: same as above –> to keep you warm scarf: to keep my throat covered and warm, because I tend to get sick…