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What is best to pack in your carry-on? How to stay fit on the road? How to make a budget? What gear will make your life on the road easier? How much is a safari in Kenya? What should I pack for a trip to Mexico? How is it like to travel first class on an Indian train? What should you think of when travelling to Lithuania?

Coffee Region Colombia

How much are 4 Days in Colombia’s Coffee Region


How much are 4 Days in Colombia’s Coffee Region Colombia’s Coffee Region is a must for everyone that loves green landscapes. Don’t worry if you don’t like any coffee, there’s plenty to do here. The colourful facades of Salento and Filandia seem like a daydream. How much I spent in 4 days travelling the Coffee Zone aka Eje Cafetero or Zona Cafetera here in this post: My itinerary for 4…

sim prepaid

Colombia – How to get a SIM card with data


Colombia – how to get a prepaid SIM card with data I’ve been living in Bogotá for almost three months now, but even if I’d only stayed a few weeks, I would’ve gotten a SIM card with data. It makes life a lot easier. I started with a SIM card from a different operator (etb), but after a short while it stopped working. Also the registration process was a little…

two passports all you need to know

Two Passports? All you need to know


Two Passports – is that possible and why? Certain countries don’t get along that well and others require visas that need some time to get. So what can you do when your passport is at an embassy and you need to travel? —> Get a second passport! At least in Austria it’s possible to own two passports. Who’s eligible, why get one and what the differences are, that’s all covered…

hiking in the rain

10 Smart Tips For Hiking in The Rain


10 Smart Tips For Hiking in The Rain I know checking the weather is part of the routine when you’re planning a hike, but sometimes we just have to face the rain. For instance, areas that are close to large bodies of water have a higher chance of getting rain than sectors that don’t. There’s more to it than I can explain, but it’s all part of nature and science….