Road Trips & Itineraries

In a Sportster through Salzburg and Tyrol – adrenalin and relaxation included


With the motto „getting to know your own country“ I set off on a mission to explore our beautiful Austria even more. In the beginning of December, I jumped into my Sportster en route to a region I have known for a long time – Salzburg and Tyrol. But there are still loads of new things to discover. We stayed in a small village called Fieberbrunn and did day trips…

1 Weekend, 4 Countries and 1 Cabriolet


… a unique road trip which can probably only be done in Europe Once upon a time there was a little girl. This little girl longed to see the world. She saved every penny for adventures both big and small. The little girl got bigger but her plans never changed. It took her 23 years to visit all the countries bordering her home country. This is the story of a…

Road trip Canada costs

How much is a road trip in Canada? Breaking down all the costs!


Road tripping the Provinces Ontario and Quebec! You are thinking about a road trip in Canada, but you are unsure about the costs of it? I will tell you how much I spent on my rental car including gas and other fees! The route I started my journey in Montreal and made the following stops on my way around: Gananoque and 1000 islands national park * Kingston * Toronto Stratford* Niagara Falls…