1000 Islands, Gananoque and Kingston

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I fell in love with Gananoque the moment I arrived. The first town that I was about to explore and enjoy on my trip to Canada this summer.


I’m not too much into big cities and high buildings, so I felt welcomed in the area known as

1000 Islands



When I wandered through the streets of this town seemed so calm and this feeling continued. The southeast part of the town is located next to the shore and you see the 1000 islands national park. Walking near the fresh water makes you want to simply jump in and enjoy the cool wet. The town brags with its beautiful colonial style you’ll encounter all over. Plus look at who I met along the way strolling through Gananoque:

Gananoque Beaver


Travelling solo?

1000 Islands Boat tourWell, yes I’m travelling by myself right now, but I know a couple of people in some places around Canada so I was never alone-alone. But even when I didn’t know anyone I still was not alone – I got to meet so many nice people along my trip. So here in Gananoque: I had just arrived and there was this group of people outside singing happily. They invited me to join them for some food and beer. It was a huge family celebrating the upcoming wedding of one of them. I excused myself for just an hour to walk through beautiful Gananoque and arrive properly. Do you know this feeling when you travel and somehow you are physically there but then you aren’t mentally? I drove about three hours from Montreal here and I felt a bit overwhelmed. For me walking and being by myself for a while helps a lot with it. When I got back the family was still outside celebrating and I went to sit with them. I had gotten a bottle of Chilean wine for the happy couple as a gift and to show how grateful I am to be with them right now. The beauty in meeting and talking to strangers is how with every sentence and gesture you get to know them a little bit better. And they get to experience the very same thing. Just like a plain canvas waiting to be drawn on. All of them where so kind and friendly – I think I talked to most of them that night. They had mainly the same questions about me and travelling around Canada on my own. I explained them that sometimes you simply have to travel solo to get to know yourself better and reflect on what happened in the last few years. Get some new energy and make new master plans what you want to spend your future energy on and also with whom you want to spend it with.

1000 Islands National Park

1000 Islands Boat tourWhy 1000 islands you might ask? There are actually more than just 1000 islands, there are 1864 natural islands and one of them is an artificial island called Artificial Island. The 1000 islands national park covers an area of 100km² and is both Canadian and US American. They share this wonderful place on earth; the area is split into equal parts for each country and no island is divided to belong to both of them. To be classified as an island the area of land must be above water all year round and must have a size of 6m² and support a tree. It’s such a beautiful natural phenomenon: all those tiny and bigger islands covered in green vegetation. Many islands are inhabited by people and animals. You’ll encounter countless houses and huge mansions that’ll make you want to stay for a little while and enjoy the moment.

Boat tour


I went on a 3 hour boat tour to get a closer look at some of the beautiful spots and islands. They also offer tours that last 1 or 5 hours including a visit to a castle. I booked my 2,5 hours boat tour at my hotel, which was a bit cheaper than purchasing it at the port. Also it says 2,5 hours, but mine lasted for 3 hours and we didn’t leave on time so make sure to take that into account when planning your trip. 1000 Islands Boat tour
As we were drifting through the waters we crossed the international boarders at least twice, I think we crossed more often, but I’m not sure anymore. Within the national park you can find a castle called Boldt Castle and it is situated in the American territory. I didn’t visit it, but it looks so beautiful and different from what I’ve seen so far.

1000 Islands Boat tour

1000 Islands Boat tour

1000 Islands Boat tour

You’ll encounter the smallest international bridge here as well:

1000 Islands Boat tour smallest international bridge

For me the 3 hours tour was exhausting and I think I slept the last 30 minutes (probably because of the jet lag), but it was still worth it! 🙂 I didn’t want to do the 1 hour tour, because of course you don’t get to see as much as on the 2,5 hours tour.


Kingston Ontario

This beautiful colourful city is only half an hour drive from Gananoque. Kingston too smittens with its colonial charms. Take a quick walk with me:


Where to stay: Colonial Resort and Spa Gananoque

Colonial Resort and Spa Gananoque Chronic Wanderlust Canada Ontario 1000 Islands

As you might know I don’t need any fancy or luxurious places to stay for the night as I sleep pretty anywhere if it’s clean and I feel cosy.

I got to stay at the Colonial Resort and Spa in Gananoque, which is located slightly outside the city centre. A short 5-10 minutes walk will get you there and also to the small port where the boats for the tours to 1000 Islands depart. It’s a cosy resort and motel, not too much, but still sophisticated and fun to spend a few days. It’s clean, the staff is friendly, and continental breakfast is included and tasted good. There is also a pool – which is the icing on the cake 🙂 It was the perfect start to my Canada trip to stay here and get some healthy rest.


Keep on travelling my dear!


Note: Thanks to Colonial Spa and Resort for their nice welcome – all comments and thoughts expressed above are my own.

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