5 Spots that will make you love Tel Aviv

5 spots love tel aviv


5 Spots that will make you love Tel Aviv

Shalom my fellow Wanderlusters!

Most travellers arrive at Ben Gurion International Airport in Tel Aviv when they start their journey through Israel. Don’t start your trip in Israel by heading off to other parts of the country but get to know the mix of tradition and innovation that is Tel Aviv.

I had no idea of what Tel Aviv was all about of nor what would expect me in Israel at all. Almost every day sad news from Israel are amongst the headlines in European media. Why did it even come this far – a country this rich in culture, religion and nature! I’m not saying you should forget about it – but I want to show you the other Israel. The one I got to know this November.


Get to know two cities at once, probably without even noticing. Tel Aviv and Jaffa are two cities grown together over time, still Jaffa is the oldest city in Israel. In 1909 66 Jewish families founded a settlement outside of Jaffa. They called it Achusat Bait – today known as Tel Aviv. It began to grow and became an independent city later on.

Lose your yourself in the narrow alleys and get some souvenirs at the small bazaars and markets. Don’t miss the port and it’s excellent restaurants with local food. And enjoy the awesome view to Tel Aviv and the sea.

View Tel Aviv from Jaffa



Take a walk at the beach

Ranging from Tel Aviv to Jaffa: the beach and the promenade are perfect for runners – at every time of the day you will find happy people enjoying the great view and being active. Families and friends get together and sit on the beach or the parks along the promenade. Leave your phone at your hotel or hostel, buy some food for a picnic and take a book. Get up early for sunrise or make sure to watch the sun set at night. The sun and the sea will act in a beautiful play together.

promenade tel aviv jaffa

Sun set Tel Aviv Israel

Sun set Tel Aviv Israel

Street Art

You don’t have to look for it. It is all over the city. Graffiti – some more, some less beautiful decorate the face of Tel Aviv. Get lost in the city and gain insights in the art scene. Along the promenade to Jaffa and on Rothschild Boulevards I found the most interesting ones.

Street Art Tel Aviv

Street Art Tel Aviv

Street Art Tel Aviv

Rothschild Boulevard

Have you heard of the Bauhaus style? Tel Aviv is also known as The White City because of this specific style. Most architects were German Jews who fled their country and took the Bauhaus style with them. In 2003 the UNESCO proclaimed The White City as a World Heritage Site.

Most Bauhaus buildings are found around Rothschild Boulevard – a lovely walk underneath trees, cyclists and runners pass by not taking in the great atmosphere. Take your time and stroll along Rothschild Boulevard, have a cup of coffee in one of the many street cafes. Dare to look up to see the modern buildings trying to reach the sky.




Carmel Market

Will you dare walking through a heavenly place for food lovers? Carmel Market is open every day and provides the city with fresh food – mostly fruits, vegetables and spices. I’ve never seen a market with such vivid colours and inviting looking food stands. Make sure to try some of the fresh juices that they sell not only at Carmel Market but all over the country. My favourite: Pomegranate!





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How is your first impression of Tel Aviv? Let me know in the comments below!

Keep on travelling!


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