50 Things you probably didn’t know about me

Viktoria Urbanek Chronic Wanderlust

50 Things you probably didn’t know about me

  1. I collect guide books like a crazy person
  2. Although my surname originates from polish, I’ve never been to Poland
  3. I’m a messy
  4. My favourite books include Shantaram, The Hobbit and books by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and Anthony Horrowitz
  5. Since the beginning of 2014 my bank balance was below 50€ 6 times.
  6. I love the black, British humour
  7. Therefore I love the Black Books Series by Dylan Moran
  8. I love to listen to audiobooks
  9. My favourite audio book series are Thursday Next and the Sherlock Holmes like series by David Pirie
  10. I love the Mexican cuisine
  11. I adore the Austrian cuisine
  12. I’m afraid of failing
  13. I’m pretty good at being alone
  14. I need a lot of alone time, but I love company as well
  15. I would love to spend a night at IKEA
  16. I love to travel solo
  17. I hold a Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Management
  18. I love to put smiles on the faces of strangers
  19. The more I travel the more I appreciate Austria
  20. There is nothing better than fresh, tasteful tab water and black bread with butter
  21. I love to be outside
  22. I could have picnics every day of the week
  23. Whenever I can I try to work outside the office
  24. I’m a strong believer in karma
  25. I still live with my parents and my sister and our dog – I love it  Moved in with the bf Moved out and back at my parent’s
  26. I do have a boyfriend – and I’m partially living with him when I’m in Austria But there is someone special in my life right now
  27. We met 6 years ago We also met 6 years ago
  28. I was a heavy over-packer
  29. Now I’m just an over-packer I’m getting better at this packing thing
  30. My passport is my holy grail
  31. I like to be prepared
  32. I would love to live in a huge bookshop for a while
  33. I love hammocks
  34. When I grow up I want to have a hammock in my room
  35. I love ancient Chinese buildings, but I don’t like it there too much
  36. If it was possible to marry an object I would marry my backpack
  37. I would never ever travel without travel insurance
  38. I’m a hopeless romantic
  39. I’m 100% pro same-sex marriage
  40. I don’t care what people think of me
  41. I care so little that it sometimes scares me
  42. I believe in the good in people
  43. A few month ago I didn’t really like to take photos, that changes when I got a new camera which I’m madly in love with
  44. I like packing
  45. I just don’t like unpacking – that’s why it takes me up to two weeks to unpack. Mostly because I have to pack for the next trip
  46. My passport has currently 15 stamps – travelling within the European Union doesn’t get you any stamps carrying an EU passport
  47. I got a free upgrade once from JFK to London – never slept any better
  48. Then the airline managed to lose my backpack and many things (including the backpack) were damaged
  49. I’m a happy person
  50. I’m glad I’m me! I wouldn’t want to be anybody else

Grüß dich, I'm Viki!

At Chronic Wanderlust, I write about my two great passions: travelling and diving – and have been doing so since 2013.

I usually spend a solid majority of the year travelling to experience extraordinary underwater adventures, taking road trips through countries I don’t know (yet) or exploring my home country of Austria.

As a certified divemaster, passionate underwater & travel photographer, road trip enthusiast and individual traveller, I collect unique moments all over the world.

I don’t believe that severe cases of wanderlust – aka chronic wanderlust – can be cured, only treated. On this blog, I want to show you how this can best be realised.

Curious to get to know me better? Find out more about me here.

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