Alles Walzer! – Everyone dance Viennese Waltz – Challenge Nr°4


Hello out there my fellow Wanderlusters!

Let me introduce you to Challenge Nr°4

Give Viennese Waltz dancing lessons in Central Park

In Central Park, our bloggers will teach passers-by to dance a Viennese waltz. And to make sure those new dancing partners get a little something to reward them for their time and effort, they’ll all be given an original Austrian Airlines #Tascherl (pouches)!

I thought to myself – let’s do this the fun way.

We went walking and strolling through Central Park – which by the way, is gorgeous! Imagine: The sun is shining and smiling from above, little clouds fill the blue sky, people from all over the world are enjoying the beautiful day in the green lung of Manhattan Island, dogs are running and playing, children laughing, couples in boats on the lakes in the park.

And then there is this Austrian Dirndl who has one goal: Teach them how to dance Viennese Waltz and Dance their way through New York City! Not even a single person rejected my invitation to dance to the music of Donauwalzer by Johann Strauss! How could you resist this face: walzer There were a lot of people participating, amongst them a cute little dog, a couple from Chile, sweet little girls from Mexico and much more.

Then I thought “Why not take it further than Central Park?”

I danced through the Metro and a french couple joined. And guess what – the General Consul of the Austrian Consulate in New York, Mr. Heindl, was also pleased to see a Dirndl in New York and we waltzed through the Austrian Consulate. 🙂

Thanks so much to each and every one of you for making this day one of the best in NYC! DSC_0764 - Kopie


Stay tuned for the last two Challenges yet to follow! 🙂

Keep on traveling!


ps. thanks to my dear Sophie for filming!

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