Your best moments of Summer 2014


5 awesome bloggers have participated in my giveaway and now it’s time to get to know them and find out who the lucky winner is!

But first let’s get to know those five bloggers! 🙂 Here we go:

Hiking in Norway by Sabine – Ferngeweht

c by Sabine/Ferngeweht

Who would have thought that it can get as hot as 30°C up in Norway?!

Sabine describes a wonderful scenery, an awesome view and very exhausting hike to the Reinebringen.

Read her full hiking story here. [only in German sorry!]

Laser surgery by Mona – Travelingalore

c Mona/Travelingalore
c Mona/Travelingalore

Mona and her adventure at a hospital in Munich! She has been wearing glasses for almost her entire life and decided to get rid of them and enjoy a perfect sight without anything on her face!

Read Mona’s different best moment story here.

Snorkeling in Australia by Markus – Travelling the world

c Markus/Travelling the World
c Markus/Travelling the World

Markus went there were a lot of us only dream of! Down Under! Can you imagine snorkeling the reef there?

Read more about the Opolu Reef on Markus’ Blog. [Only in German too!]

Czech Please by Jill – AdventureJ

c Jill/AdventureJ
c Jill/AdventureJ

After three amazing weeks volunteering and backpacking in Nicaragua, Jill and her boyfriend K went to the Czech Republic to meet with relatives they have not seen in ages.

Read more about beautiful places like Decin Castle, great Czech food and hikes on Jill’s Blog.

Latin America moves in Berlin by Elen – Rainbow to luck

c Elen/Rainbow to luck
c Elen/Rainbow to luck

Elen, I have to admit it! I love your dance moves! She took Latin American Vibes to Berlin and danced herself through a train. She danced on a bridge and then with other people.

Read more about Cumbia Rhythms on her blog.


The winner is….

Thanks everyone for participating! I enjoyed all your entries a lot – stay tuned for more great stories yet to follow!

And as always: Keep on travelling!


Viktoria Urbanek Travel Blog Chronic Wanderlust

Grüß dich, I'm Viki!

At Chronic Wanderlust, I write about my two great passions: travelling and diving – and have been doing so since 2013.

I usually spend a solid majority of the year travelling to experience extraordinary underwater adventures, taking road trips through countries I don’t know (yet) or exploring my home country of Austria.

As a certified divemaster, passionate underwater & travel photographer, road trip enthusiast and individual traveller, I collect unique moments all over the world.

I don’t believe that severe cases of wanderlust – aka chronic wanderlust – can be cured, only treated. On this blog, I want to show you how this can best be realised.

Curious to get to know me better?