Breathtaking moments in Ethiopia | cewe photo book pure

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Breathtaking moments in Ethiopia | cewe photo book pure



The fact that less(er) known destinations interest me is definitely no secret anymore. If the destination has an indescribable variety of nature, culture and good food to explore, then there is no stopping me anymore. And although I have overlooked Ethiopia as a travel destination until now, I came across a lot of interesting things to visit while I was planning my trip. I didn’t expect Ethiopia to be this interesting and diverse at all. I spent two weeks travelling the country, mostly on my own but with the help of local guides, and I’d like to share with you my favourite moments (and also show you how to capture them visually in only a few moments):

Moments of Arrival | Tississat Waterfalls

In the beginning, the streets are still paved, and we swish through the countryside with a speed we wouldn’t even reach on our motorways back home. But suddenly the driver hits the breaks. Good road is over, he says apologetically. And so we keep driving on bumpy roads made of dust and rocks. I don’t want to miss the landscape outside but my eyes are fighting off the sleep – I haven’t gotten much sleep the last two nights.

We get out of the car and my guide Dessu asks me whether I want to walk the short or long way to the waterfalls of the Blue Nile. What a question?! The longer we get to hike through this scarce but still fascinating landscape, the better.

And then it is time: the Tississat waterfalls are right in front of me. Some people told me not to visit the waterfalls in the dry season. I would be disappointed, they said. To be honest, I would have been disappointed, had I not seen them. And even though only a small amount of water rushed over the cliffs, it was still breathtakingly beautiful.

Dessu suddenly falls silent and enjoys the fine drizzle that falls on us.

And I stop too. It is only my second day in Ethiopia, but just now I still feel like I have completely arrived in this new country.

Blue Nile Falls Äthiopien Blue Nile Falls Äthiopien

Hippos in the Blue Nile

We leave early in the morning. Well, maybe it’s not that early. On foot we walk through the streets of Bahir Dar, the traffic is still slow but no less insidious or dangerous. As we reach the Tana Lake, I have a deja vu. I feel like I have been here before. The warm air, the water, the small houses, and boats – it feels like I am at the ocean.

We take a small boat out on Ethiopia’s biggest lake to spot animals. Dessu wouldn’t stop talking about hippos the day before and he has me super excited about them too. But now, he keeps repeating that we may not get to see hippos after all. I feel lucky today, I say to him.

And indeed. As we are about to leave Tana Lake and get to the Blue Nile, we can hear water splashing. Three of us scan the water surface. And then we spot two baby hippos and their parents!

Nilpferd im Nil Äthiopien Nilpferd im Nil Äthiopien

A Place like no other – a Visit to Hell

Temperatures of between 40 and 60 degrees Celsius are quite common here in the Danakil Depression. And if you had to redefine the word heat, then a visit to the north of Ethiopia would be a prerequisite.

And yet I have voluntarily travelled to this hostile place. I spend three days here and the temperature never dropped below 28 degrees Celsius – not even at night.

We reach Dalol on the third day. These pictures I had already seen again and again during my research – and they were the reason why I even dared to travel so close to Eritrea’s borders. Our jeep shows us a temperature of melting 35 degrees Celsius at 9 o’clock in the morning. Luckily it’s a dry heat and therefore a little more bearable, but still not comfortable.

We follow our guide to the top of a hill and what lies on the other side reminds me of another planet, rather than a place on our Earth. Hot springs come from different depths through different layers of rock, transporting various minerals to the surface. The results are pools that look extraterrestrial.

Dalol Danakil DepressionDalol Danakil Depression

Capturing travel Highlights in just a few Moments with the cewe Photo Book pure

I do not always have time to create a beautiful photo book and so I am thrilled with the simple concept of the cewe photo book pure.

In just a few steps, 22 photos are transformed into a minimalistic, appealing and handy photo book. You simply load selected photos into the app, place them in the photo book and you can also add a title on the cover and write a few introductory lines on the first page.

The idea behind it is to be able to create a complete photo book in just a few minutes. On one hand, this is amazing to capture favourite travel moments, on the other hand, it is also a great present. The cewe photo book pure is available from 14.95 € and can only be ordered via the app.

Tips for editing photos on the phone

There are plenty of apps on the market, that help you transform your average photos into true masterpieces. For editing, I always use the same three free apps – depending on the initial photo:

  • snapseed
  • Lightroom for mobile
  • VSCO

Cewe pure im test

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