Colombia – How to get a SIM card with data

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Colombia – how to get a prepaid SIM card with data

I’ve been living in Bogotá for almost three months now, but even if I’d only stayed a few weeks, I would’ve gotten a SIM card with data. It makes life a lot easier. I started with a SIM card from a different operator (etb), but after a short while it stopped working. Also the registration process was a little awkward, so I decided to look for a different operator.

The type of SIM card I need

  • prepaid: it has to be a prepaid one so I am in control of my expenses
  • no monthly plan
  • cheap data packages: I don’t really need minutes and texts, that’s why I don’t look at packages that include that
  • big data packages: I need more than 1 GB per Week, 2 GB would be even better
  • right SIM size: for my OnePlus Two I need a nano sim
  • easy to add credit: at a kiosk, supermarket, online,…

Data packages with virgen mobile Colombia

Virgen mobile Colombia currently offers two different data packages – called Antiplanes :

Option A: 40000 COP (approx. 13€) = 2 GB data + 150 minutes + unlimited WhatsApp + free subscription to Top Chart Lola + valid for 30 days

Option B: 65000 COP (approx. 21€) = 4 GB data + 300 minutes + unlimited WhatsApp + free subscription to Top Chart Lola + valid for 30 days

I’m using option B since I need a lot of data. Plus when I’m at home I always use the wifi.

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Conclusion virgen mobile

Unfortunately, their website is in Spanish and doesn’t have any translation (but you can still use google translate to get an idea of what it says). Here you can find out where to get a sim card. I bought mine in a mall Bogotá, the lady was very helpful and also put in the API settings. The sim card was 5000 COP (approx. 1,63€) and is available in all sizes.

IMPORTANT: you need to take an ID with you, because they’ll need to verify your identity when registering.

I’ve never had any problems on any of my trips with virgen mobile (just in Tatacoa desert, where there’s just no reception).

You can recharge it easily in most supermarkets, Farmatodo or efecty (usually small shops or stands, with a yellow $ logo)

This will help

  • Necesito una tarjeta SIM de prepago. – I need a prepaid SIM card.
  • Cuanto cuesta? – How much is that?
  • Como son los paquetes de internet? – What kind of data options are there?
  • Gracias! – Thank you
  • Una recarga de XX pesos, por favor – I’d like to charge my phone with xx pesos, please

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