Concrete Canvas Street Art Tour in Ghent & my favorite spots


Street art in Ghent & my favorite spots

I visited beautiful Flanders in August for the second time and fell in love with this magical region in Belgium even more. Not only the weather but also my company was perfect: together with bloggers Melli and Juergen of Lifetravellerz and Trixi of amigaprincess, I was able to spend a few days in Flanders. Let me show you Ghent’s street art and my personal highlights:

Concrete Canvas Tour

I especially enjoyed the Concrete Canvas Tour – this tour covers the whole city, and like the name gives away, is all about walls covered in street art. I found some true artworks throughout Ghent.

Did you know that there is a 100 m long graffiti street which constantly gets redone?

You do not have to join a group to do this tour. Simply get a map from the tourist information office or download an older version of the tour here. Unfortunately, a few walls on the map no longer exist or can’t be reached anymore. Or they hid from me? Anyway, the tour is super fun and completely free 😉

Ghent – A few secret insider tips

I absolutely loved the food in the Wasbar, they serve delicious and fresh bagels at a fair price. Behind on your washing? Absolutely no problem in this restaurant, like the name suggests, you can do your laundry here. The air did slightly smell of laundry detergent but it wasn’t bothersome at all. Bring your laundry bag, enough time and make yourself comfortable on the first floor. Enjoy your food and people watch a little. (Antwerp also has a Wasbar)

Wasbar Gent

Fancy more than “just” a bagel and a people watching spot? Then I can wholeheartedly recommend Stadscafe Belfort. The cozy cafe is right next to the Sint Niklaaskerk which is one of Ghent’s oldest sights.

You can also rent a bicycle and explore the city on two tires. Or fancy something different? How about stand up paddlingMelli and Juergen tried it and shot some amazing pictures. (German only).

Are you looking for fun souvenirs for your friends or even yourself? Make sure to visit the shop Axeswar Design. I bought a magnetic world puzzle which is now displayed on my fridge and a couple of mini globes that I bought to decorate my office.


How to get around in Ghent

Did you know that Brussels also has a lot of amazing street art? Make sure to check out the comic book walls, if you are interested in street art.

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