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Hurghada is mostly known for its resorts, beaches and diving opportunities. But there is more than beaches and cocktails! Let me show you how to spend a wonderful afternoon in the city of Hurghada!

Be aware of pickpockets!


Church St. Shenouda

Our first stop is the Coptic orthodox church St. Shenouda. A great white building crowded with religious people during the ceremonies. It’s a nice way to experience a bit of the Egyptian culture!

Church st shenouda hurghadaChurch st shenouda hurghada

Aldhar Market

Next is Aldhar Market, a market where they sell all sorts of food: fruits, vegetables, meat, fish, … you name it! I haven’t spotted any non-Egyptian except my friend Gabi who I was travelling with. Get some fresh and yummy fruits and stay well hydrated throughout the hot days!

Ask before taking pictures unless you want to get shouted at – true story…

Aldhar MarketAldhar MarketAldhar Market


Nice and neat is our third stop in Hurghada: The aquarium!

Some of you might not be into scuba diving or snorkelling but still want to catch a glimpse at what is beneath the surface of the Red Sea. This aquarium covers many of the tropical fish we saw diving just a couple of days earlier.

It is not massively big, but still a nice distraction to the beach and crowded streets. There is also two tanks with several nurse sharks for you to look at. [In my opinion, those tanks are way too small, but I’m used to the endlessness of the ocean.]

aquarium hurghada aquarium hurghada

El Mina Mosque

I haven’t seen or entered many mosques in my life, but El Mina must be the most beautiful one (so far). Rising up to the blue, blue sky with its white minarets. Pretty not only from the outside! The inside is decorated beautifully and aesthetically!

Note for the ladies: you will have to rent a full-length dress with a veil to cover up pretty much anything but your face. Costs: 1€ or 1 USD

Note for everybody: it is required that you take your shoes off when entering the Mosque!

el mina mosque hurghadael mina mosque hurghadael mina mosque hurghada

To sum up this day: a great and different afternoon to get away from the resorts and beaches and look beyond the obvious of Hurghada!

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