How much are 5 days on Easter Island?!

How much are 5 days on Easter Island

That’s how much 5 Days on Easter Island are

Let me show you how much 5 days on Easter Island cost and that’s 100% doable on your own and don’t need an agency to get around.


Visiting the Easter Island has fascinated me for a very long time! It was on top of my to-do list, yet I didn’t think I’d accomplish visiting it so soon. When I booked my flight to Chile, my flight to Easter Island, or Rapa Nui as it is also called, was my next purchase (oh my poor credit card). In this article, I’m sharing with you what I experienced in those days, how I travelled and how much those five days on Easter Island cost me. I’m also adding some helpful tips for your trip! Let’s get started!

My Itinerary

Day 1: 9:35am – 1:30pm flight from Santiago de Chile to Rapa Nui (Easter Island)
Hike to the Ranu Kao Crater (approx. 3.5 hours)

Day 2: Hike to Ana Karenga (cave), Te Peu (archaeological site) and Ahu Akivi (Moai statues)

Day 3: I rented a Quad for 48 hours and explored the Eastern part of the Island

Day 4: Diving with Mike Rapu Dive Center, then to Anakena by Quad

Day 5: revisited Rano Raraku by Quad
3:05pm – 9:35pm flight back to Santiago de Chile

Osterinsel Quad Kosten

Find your way

Travel Style

  • Accommodation: I stayed at Hostel Petero Atamu in a single room with a shared bathroom. Breakfast was included
  • Food
    • Breakfast at hostel
    • Empanadas and small dishes in restaurants
    • I treated myself once for a fancy ceviche
  • Activities
  • Transportation
    • Walking/Hiking
    • I rented a Quad so I could explore the island on my own without having to take care of anybody else

Cost Report

Day 1: Arrival in Rapa NuiHiking31,40€
Day 2Hiking38€
Day 3Quad Rental87,66€
Day 4Diving and Quad Rental194,92€
Ceviche (Food)23€
Day 5Walking and Quad - return to Santiago7,66€
General Costs524€
Entrance Fee National Park40€

Note: I converted the prices with the daily conversion rate.

The daily costs are approximately 80€ without airfare. Flights included that’d be 177€

Conclusion and Tips

  • Getting there: only one airline (LATAM) operates flights to Easter Island.
    • there are daily departures from Santiago de Chile to Easter Island
    • Flight time to get there is 6 hours, but back only 5 hours!
    • Rates for flights vary a lot but roughly 500€ for roundtrip tickets per person. I’ve seen flights for about 380€ too.
    • There’s a flight to/from Tahiti once a week as well.
  • Accommodation: there are some camping sites, hostels with dorms and private rooms and hotels.
  • Food: generally speaking is food in Chile more expensive than in other countries in Latin America. Same goes for Easter Island. For one empanada (dough with various fillings) and a drink you’ll easily pay 10€.
    • a tip of 10% is automatically added to your bill.
  • If you are looking to rent a scooter, you’ll need to present a valid license for a scooter.
    • In Austria, you are allowed to drive a scooter by the age of 15. Or by the age of 17, as soon as you hold a general driving license. On Austrian car driving licenses it does NOT explicitly say that you are allowed to drive a scooter. So that’s why you can’t rent one in Chile. Pretty stupid, right?!
    • Option: get an international drivers license and ask them to put a note for the scooter. This type of license is valid for a year and costs either 14.20€ or 21.70€.
  • Other option: if you are looking to rent a Quad or a car, compare prices. I didn’t look at prices online and simply asked in a couple of the rental stations. If you book for more than one day, prices get lower.
    • riding a Quad is super easy and super fun!

How much are 5 days on Easter Island

Have you ever been to Easter Island? How did you spend your time there? How did you like the island?

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