My favourite spots in North Wales

Prettiest places in Northern Wales

My highlights: Favourite places in North Wales

Wales is definitely a paradise for landscape lovers. The endless shores, the flocks of sheep in the middle of nowhere and also the diving in this country in the UK, will amaze you. If you appreciate going for walks, hiking, small towns, and good food, you’ll love Wales more than anything else. The almost frighteningly friendly, attentive and charming nature of the Welsh will amaze you. (Many Viennese should follow suit!)

Travelling in Wales is easy, comfortable and just good for the soul. Here is a list of places you shouldn’t miss while in Wales:

View from Mynydd Dref in Conwy

Just outside Conwy, beautiful hills are waiting for you. One of them is Mynydd Dref – Conwy Mountain. But I would not call it a mountain, because it is more like a pleasant walk than a hike to get to the top of the hill. Yet, it is incredibly beautiful. The views over Conwy, the bay, Llandudno on the opposite side and the green backland are just overwhelming.

Be sure to pack your raincoat or windbreaker because it gets very windy up here!

Mynydd Dref Conwy Mountain
The path on Mynydd Dref
Mynydd Dref Conwy Mountain
Strolling around on Conwy Mountain  
Mynydd Dref Conwy Mountain
Beautiful landscape in North Wales
Mynydd Dref Conwy Mountain
View over the bay

Fortress of Conwy

Exploring the old fortress of Conwy seems to be a journey back in time. The 21st century gives way to the Middle Ages and really does not lack much – actors perhaps to complete the picture.

In the chapel, however, you will discover a window that, at a closer look, features modern elements. A bicycle, a mobile phone and a few other little things. May the guessing game begin!

Conwy Festung Innenhof
View over the courtyard in the fortress of Conwy
Conwy Festung von innen
Conwy fortress from inside
Conwy Festung Kapelle Fenster
A modern interpretation of a window in the chapel of the fortress of Conwy. Can you spot a mobile phone?

Vivian Quarry in Llanberis

Divers will agree: The old slate quarry in Llanberis is just a dream come true. A visit is also worth it for non-divers.

Next to the Quarry Museum on the other side of a stone archway lies a small magical world. Especially when the light falls through the green leaves.

Find out why diving at the quarry is just magical here.

Vivian Quarry Steinbruch Llanberis
Not just for divers – the quarry of Llanberis
Tauchen Vivian Quarry
Isn’t it amazing what you can discover diving an old quarry?

Long run in Llandudno

The bay of Llandudno with its wide promenade is not only wonderful for long walks, but also perfect for all runners.

And although I was only planning to walk along the promenade by the sea, I was so motivated and intrigued by the beauty of the landscape that I added the Little Orme hills to the east of the bay and the Great Orme to the west of the bay. 16km later and with a never-ending feeling of happiness I came back to the hotel exhausted. Conclusion: even though I hardly ever run more than 10 km, the beautiful views and the stunning hills made it all worth while. The sheep did not get confused either.

Tea in Betws-y-Coed

The small town was also overlooked by me because I really only wanted to change trains here. The fine brick station invites you to dream and reminds me a bit of Harry Potter.
When the sun is shining outside, The Alpine Coffee Shop‘s outdoor dining area is a great place to read, choose from the diverse tea menu and savour homemade desserts. But even if the weather does not play along, it is warm and cozy indoors. In the back of the coffee shop, you can watch the bustle at the train station through the glass wall.

The Alpine Coffee Shop is located directly in the station building.

Flying Fox in an old quarry in Blaenau Ffestiniog

Quarries and Wales seem to be a natural match. And the creativity of the Welsh to use these vacant places seems limitless. The quarry in Blaenau Ffestiniog was transformed into an indoor climbing garden, the ZIP World. The former underground construction is not completely illuminated and it seems like a mystical underworld.

Tree trunks, zip lines, wobbly bridges, platforms, … fun is guaranteed and the ambience is just great! (The zip lines were a little too adventurous for me, but it was still good fun.)

ZIP World Klettergarten
Zip lining underground

What are your favourite places in North Wales?

I have collected tips for your trip to North Wales in this article here.

It’s time to put Wales on your bucket list!

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