Findings of the Month – January 2015

sunset playa del carmen

Findings of the Month – January 2015

From now on every month there will be some sort of “Findings of the Month” post, where I’ll talk about useful information, apps, thoughts, photos, .. whatever crosses my mind and I think YOU should know as well. Because sharing is caring, right? So let’s get started with the first ever post of that kind on Chronic Wanderlust

App of the month


A friend introduced me to this app because of one amazing and great feature! You can look at one way flights over a loooong period of time. Here is an example:

skyscanner2 skyscanner3 skyscanner

It is perfect when you don’t know exactly when you want to move on to another destination or simply just want to go one way only !

Download it here for android and here for iOS

Website of the month

Whatsapp for your browser!

Haven’t we all been waiting for this to happen for EVER? Finally the whatsapping will be faster and you will not need to pick up the phone every single time to answer! Simply go here and scan the code with your phone in the whatsapp app and start writing!

2014-10-21 19.39.14Travel Gadget of the month


I discovered this perfect travel gadget only last year, but it stuck to my mind until now. I’ve tried it and it really works and comes in super handy. It is a small plastic piece that you attach to your headphones. Then you just roll them together and stick one end over the headphones connection. Voila! Lose no more time untangling your cables!

Accomodation of the month

Hostel Wombats, Vienna

My experience with hostels is quite diverse as I have stayed in over 50 different hostels all over the world so far. There is of course the ones that you wish you wouldn’t remember anymore and then there is hostels such as the Wombats in Vienna. There are several throughout the city – I decided to stay at the one at Naschmarkt, which was the perfect location for my time there. I stayed at a girls dorm for two nights. They have everything you ask for: sheets included, bathroom ensuite, lockers, the dorm itself is only accessible with your key card (which  doubles as a key for the lockers), clean, friendly and helpful staff, huge common area with sofas, hammocks, chairs, free wifi, a bar, bicycles for rent, yummy breakfast for 4€, .. the list goes on and on! I truly enjoyed my stay there! I will be back soon!

Hostel Wombats Naschmarkt Wien Vienna

Hostel Wombats Naschmarkt Wien Vienna

Quote of the month

Ask yourself what is really important and then have the wisdom and courage to build your life around your answer. -Unknown

Photo of the month

This moment was captured on one of my last days in Mexico this January. We went out for diving that day and we got to the dive shop before anybody else we went to the beach and watched the sunrise over the Caribbean ocean. Truly a magical moment.

Sunrise Playa del Carmen

Video of the month

Bull Shark Diving in Playa del Carmen!

Book of the month

The Book Thief

A book about a girl who helps herself and many others around her with her passion about books. The author describes the whole scenery perfectly so it doesn’t even feel like reading, more like watching a movie in your head. It has to be said that the book takes place during WW2, which makes the story of Liesel even more touching. A must read for those who enjoy a great book.

Song of the month

The hanging Tree by Jennifer Lawrence

Prepare for an epic earworm.

Instagramer of the month

Humansofny – Humans of New York

Sharing stories of people living and rushing through New York. One face – one story. One more touching than the other one.

IG humans ny

Thoughts of the month

This month was a rollercoaster for me. The new year started for me in Mexico as a divemaster intern at a wonderful dive shop on Cozumel. Diving every single day, sharing my passion with others, living the dream. I met so many wonderful people there and we shared even more wonderful moments together. Mexico stopped feeling like home and instead became home to me.

Eventually I had to go to my second home in Austria where work awaited me and university. I quit second because my life moved on to a different way that I expected it to be when I chose that study program. It was such a relief when I quit, it felt like breaking free!

How was your month? What are your favourite findings?

Share you thought in the comments!

Keep on travelling,

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