130km/h and not lacking any fun: Flying Fox XXL in Leogang

Flying Fox in Leogang

Pure Adrenaline – the largest and fastest zip line in the world

Do one thing that scares you everyday

A few days ago I travelled to Leogang with exactly those words in mind. I was anxious and happy like a child and didn’t want to wait any longer for the Flying Fox in Leogang (= zip line) to happen.

I’m always looking forward to travelling to this part of Austria, because we lived just a few kilometers away and I learned how to ski here.

This weekend wasn’t about skiing but more about other activities such as the flying fox on Mount Asitz.

Adrenaline to go, please!

Check in at  the valley station of the Asitz cable car. You’ll be weighted and be given a voucher and a ticket for the cable car. The Flying Fox starts at the midstation of the cable car, where you’ll hop off and a few steps away you’ll find a little wooden cabin.

Now get ready for your flight by getting in a harness and putting on a helmet.

After a short introduction and some explanations the time has come. A few more steps and I finally see it: the flying fox! Ugh, that is longer than I had expected: the zip line is 1.6 kilometers long and therefore the longest in the world – and the fastest too!

I am ready! Attached to the zip line and hanging on my back – the countdown begins:





1…. woooooooooooooosssshhhh! And off I go flying over the valley!

The feeling of flying over the mountain and the trees is truly incredible! I can’t stop smiling and with my arms wide open I fly over the world. I feel like a young eagle, nose-diving for prey. Controlled, focussed and hungry. Not hungry for mice but hungry for more. And more will come after the flight – some local specialties!

Flying Fox XXL Leogang

Flying Fox XXL Leogang

Flying Fox XXL Leogang

Keep on travelling,


Note: Thanks to the tourism board Saalfelden-Leogang for inspiring me and the lovely invitation.

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