I have a Gift for you

I have a Gift for you

Christmas is approaching fast and this year is actually the first year that I spend Christmas in Austria and not abroad like I did the last two years. I had chosen to fly to Mexico and enjoy my holidays exploring the underwater world or with a backpack and eating way too many Quesadillas.

To be completely honest, that was the plan for this year as well. But instead of flying to Mexico before the 24th of December I postponed it a little. And yes, again it's Mexico. But this time I won't board the plane to return to Europe – but more about that later.

2016 has been a very successful year so far and I would even say it's been the most successful of them all. Both business wise (blog wise) as well as in my private life and in my studies. A huge part is thanks to you! I can't even find the right words because without YOU this blog would just be like any other out there in the spheres of the web. Thanks to you I have a job that I love and fulfils me 200%. Thanks to you I can create stories, take photos, travel and so much more.


And that's the reason why I have gifts for you

I've thought about what to give to you, so I decided to arrange three gift packs. Those include some very useful and helpful things and gadgets for your next travel. Not all gifts packs are the same. Some gifts are even unique. You'll sure want to have those on your next trip. I'll share some of the details with you, but I'll also leave some up for surprise:

  • packing cubes
  • travel towel
  • mini safe
  • passport cover by paprcuts

I've selected things that I use myself and find super helpful when travelling.

How to enter?

Leave a comment below telling me what your most memorable travel moment in 2016 was and why. The giveaway will end on 21th of December. The winners will be contacted via mail or facebook and will have to send me their address until the 22th of December midnight. I'll post the gifts the next day then. Note that the gifts won't make it until Christmas. Anybody living in the EU can enter.

I'm super excited to read your most memorable travel moments!

Merry Christmas!

Keep on travelling

Note: The passport covers and some other things have been provided to me for free so that I can give those to you.


  • My most memorable travel moment was to move to Australia for a study abroad, because it not only gave me friends from all over the world (that I have to visit some day 😉 ) it also gave me a home away from home

  • Since I don’t live in the EU, I’m not eligible to officially enter, but wanted to share. I located your blog when I was trying to find a packing list I’d found some years ago and had lost the link.

    Since then I’ve found your posts interesting and insightful. I finally found my wanderlust about 10 years ago, and try to get out of my home country at least once a year. My most memorable travel moment this year was in Tanzania. Being invited into a Maasai home to talk about their culture was fascinating. They were as interested to learn about me as I was to learn about them.

    Enjoy the journey!

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