Gifts for divers and mermaids


Diving is my biggest passion. If I can’t be in the water, then I hardly think about anything else. My best friend is an equally passionate diver. And every year before her birthday and before Christmas, the same question arises: what will I give her this time? That’s why I put together a guide for gifts for divers and mermaids. Most of the gifts mentioned here have already been given away or been given to me as a gift:

Gifts for divers under €20

Little things make happy too – here is a list of gifts not only divers I know love, I do too 😉

Keychain or tag for diving equipment

These small but fine pendants can be used as a keychain. But you can also easily mark your equipment with them to avoid confusing your stuff with others.

These are a self-creation of mine, I have already played with some more motifs. If you liked them and you would like to have one or more of them, just get in touch with me via email and I’ll let you know how to get to them.

Geschenke für Taucher Schlüsselanhänger Markierung Tauchequipment Geschenke für Taucher Schlüsselanhänger Markierung Tauchequipment

Greeting cards

This beautiful pop-up greeting card with a diver near the bottom of the sea is so beautiful that I would have liked to keep it myself rather than send it to my friend in Canada.

Geschenk Taucher Karte

Shark Slippers

Those shark slippers make getting up and ready much easier in the morning. I’ve found these at Flying Tiger Copenhagen (they don’t have an online shop though – but you can find similar ones on Amazon).

Shark Slippers

Neoprene strap for dive mask

With long hair, but also with short hair, it is always an ordeal to put on and take off dive mask. But there is a simple solution: get a mask strap for your dive mask, prices start from about 8 €. You can choose from a number of plain straps, or go all out with colourful versions. For girls, you can buy one by Girls that Scuba in purple, blue and pink.

geschenke für tauchermask strap girls that scuba

Rubber ducks

For the bathtub, the ocean or the office desk – with this dive duck you’ll have a fun time at work.

Geschenke für Taucher

Biodegradable sunscreen

Stream2Sea is 200% committed to the ocean. “Organic” and “eco-friendly” sun creams have been on the market for a bit, but you should take a closer look at the ingredients. There is almost no regulation or institution checking whether something really is organic, eco-friendly or biodegradable.

However, Stream2Sea is different. They are based in Florida and they really care about their products and more importantly the ocean. They are not harmful to either human or the reefs and its inhabitants. Until now, they’ve launched the following products: sunscreen SPF20 and SPF30, shower gel + hair conditioner 2in1, hair conditioner (my absolute favourite) and an aftersun lotion.

geschenke für taucher stream2sea

Red filter

If you like to take better pictures and dive without a torch, get a red filter and your photos will look a lot better. There are a few you can choose from Amazon that aren’t expensive either.

Geschenk Taucher Rotfilter

Stamp for your log book

Instead of writing your details in your buddy’s dive log, you can also get a simple dive stamp that will do the job for you.

SMBD | SMB | Buoy

A surface buoy should be a standard for diving – and it’s a great gift for your dive friends too.

Geschenke Taucher Boje

Scuba Water bottle

I’ve seen a couple of great scuba themed water bottles, I like the PADI ones, but this one looks like a miniature scuba tank and is definitely my favourite.

Fish-ID cards

There are so many different ones, it’s a great gift when you plan on going somewhere or as a memory of a trip. I’ve found some here and here.

Geschenke Taucher Fish ID slate

Fun tea infusers

Will make any non-diving-days a lot better. I’ve found some divers, whales, fish and manatees.

Geschenke Taucher Tee

Gifts for divers for less than 50€

Dive Map

It will be hard to give this one away as a gift because it’s so pretty. You can also write on it with a whiteboard marker and mark your favourite dive sites!

Awesome Maps created this map – they also have other maps too. I ordered it on Amazon, because it was cheaper there.

Dive Map Gift for divers
@ Awesome Maps

Shark Art – Sharks for your home

I’ve found the piece on the left in an aquarium on Vancouver Island: Shiver of Sharks – Alaska to Baja painted by artist Kristy Pederson –  Fog and Swell.

Working is more fun with some sharks, isn’t it?

geschenke für taucher Wandbild
left: Shiver of Sharks © Fog and Swell

Other gift ideas for scuba divers

Geschenke Taucher Mobiler Akku

Books that inspire diving

Gifts for divers for more than 50€

Voucher for Diving

It’s probably one of the best gifts 😉

Geschenk Taucher Gutschein


Another great choice for a gift for divers is the action cam, with extra housing for diving 😉

Geschenk Taucher GoPro

Accessories for GoPro

Macro and red filter in one

To catch even the smallest things.

Extra light for photos

Your photos will be better with some additional light. I’ve started using a quite powerful dive light since the summer. The GoPro can be mounted directly on top of it.

Dome for GoPro

For these incredible photos, where you can see what’s happening above and below the surface of the water:

Dome GoPro

Olympus TG-5 and housing

Definitely better than the GoPro, and probably an even better gift. Ever since I started using it, I’ve been falling in love with my Olympus TG-5 over and over again. The camera itself is waterproof up to 15m and with the housing up to 40m.

geschenke für taucher olympus tg5

Dive course

Because there is so much to learn out there! How about doing gifting an advanced course, the rescue diver course, or some speciality courses?

Geschenke Taucher Tauchkurs

Dive computer

Everyone should own their own dive computer. I wouldn’t dive without one now. I’ve been using the inexpensive Suunto Zoop for years and wouldn’t change it.

Geschenke Taucher Tauchcomputer

What have you given your dive buddies, dive friends and mermaids? let me know in the comments!

Keep on travelling

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