Hiking in Israel – the ultimate Packing List

Israel Hiking Packing List

Hiking in Israel – the ultimate Packing List

Hiking gets more and more common. Israel is a hip country to travel to. Why not combine the two and discover the Holy Land by hiking and walking? Follow the footsteps of Jesus through Galilee, the Judean Desert, the Wadis, Negev and many more!

Keep in mind that the climate in Israel is dry and hot – even in winter the temperatures won’t go below 15°C! Temperatures may rise as high as 46°C in the summer, although 35°C are more common.

hiking in Israel dont forget to rest in shades

What to pack

  • sunscreen or sunblock (!!!)
  • hat or a scarf to protect your head
  • sunglasses
  • backpack – mine is 26l because I prefer slightly bigger backpacks
  • water/hydration system for your backpack (like source or camelbak) so you don’t have to take off your backpack every time you are thirsty
  • swimwear and travel towel to refresh yourself after or during a hike in the Sea of Galilee, Dead Sea or the natural pools in some of the Wadis
  • long, light weight, summer hiking trousers to zip off the legs or short trousers
  • sport shirts with sleeves
  • mountain boots – toe-closed
  • camera, extra battery and memory cards

hiking boots

What not to pack

  • hiking sticks
  • warm clothes

Tips that will make your hike more enjoyable

  • Carry enough water – I carried over 3 litres for a 7 hour hike
  • Carry enough food and snacks
  • Don’t underestimate the sun! Heat strokes are not something to take lightly
  • Take breaks in the shades often
  • Get up early – and by early I mean start your hike at 4:30am and finish around 2pm to avoid the midday heat.

Hiking in Israel Packing list

Helpful Links and Resources

Have you been hiking in Israel? What were your experiences?

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Keep on travelling!



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