How to fix your Backpack or Transport Cover full of Holes


How to fix your Backpack or Transport Cover full of Holes

Backpacks are simply great! They are perfect for travelling! I love and adore my backpacks! But on one of my recent trips the unthinkable happened!

My backpack was covered in stains and holes!

Apparently, airline and ground staff didn’t pick up my backpack off of the floor but simply dragged it through the dirt  and so it came back to me covered with stains and holes! My heart was broken! My backpack is my companion – my boyfriend while I am on the road!

I could dwell on it but there is a rather simple trick to fix your backpack or transport that’s full of holes!

How to fix the holes in your backpack and transport cover

  1. Buy patches to fix tents like those here in a matching colour (in my case dark blue)
  2. Clean the backpack thoroughly
  3. Start with selecting one hole
  4. Cut the patch to the right sizes (so it cover the hole completely) – then cut another piece with the same size (one for the inside and one for the outside)
  5. Peel it off and place it onto the hole on the outside of the backpack or transport cover
  6. Peel off the second patch and place it on the hole on the inside
  7. Repeat until all holes and scratches are covered
  8. Iron the patches on the backpack or the transport cover to make them stick even better
  9. If you want to make them stick even better sew them on

Step 1

step 2

step 3

Tip: Take bigger parts of the patches and put them over the edges to make them more resistant.

Tip 2: If you don’t have a transport cover for your backpack yet I highly recommend getting one! It is always better buying a new transport cover instead of a whole new backpack, plus this will keep your backpack clean(er) and some transport covers can also be used as a rain cover! Sweet right!


Keep on travelling

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