July 4th in New York City – Independence Day – Challenge Nr° 3


Hi out there my fellow Wanderlusters!

How have you been? I’ve had the most amazing 4th of July ever – probably because it was the first time  that I was in the states on that specific date!

Independence Day in the US!

The challenge for today was:

Independence Day: what a piece of luck – it’s the 4th of July, and you’re in the US of A! No better time to look for as many typically American things as possible (American flags, fireworks, parades, etc.) to create that ‘Most American Moment’.

So what was my most american moment? What makes a moment so unique and memorable?

For me it is a couple of things like timing, people -the overall flow (kind of the state when everything goes perfectly and you flow or float through the world) 🙂 Like when you kissed for the first time – time stands still and you are living the moment and fully enjoying it! That’s what happened today! I cannot tell you every single detail now but (!) there will be a lot of pretty cool things to follow the next few days! So stay tuned and come back for more stories of a Dirndl finding her way through NYC.

The US-Americans are such proud people  – everywhere you”ll encounter huge, massive flags.

Stars and stripes – red, white and blue !

50 white stars on blue underground – 7 red and 6 white stripes. Who knows what they stand for?

You probably know about the fifty stars which represent the 50 states of the US, the stripes on the other hand stand for the 13 colonies that founded the USA. The colours were chosen similar to the ones of the United Kingdom (colonies you know?!)

Enough flag talk – let me show you a small selection of the flags that are found all across Manhattan and Brooklyn.

People of NYC

I met so many incredible people today- let me show you a quick round 😉 One girl talked to me on Brooklyn Bridge, some others I asked to take pictures with 🙂

Fireworks and Skyline

Ladies and Gentlemen – did I mention the fireworks? This year they went off  best to be seen by the  East River and Brookyln. Sadly we kind of missed sitting at  the right spot so we couldn’t enjoy the fireworks as  they were intended to be! Plus that’s where you can see the skyline of Manhattan at its absolute glory! 🙂


 What is my most American moment?

Being here in the United States of America would probably describe it best. I mean what else can this be? This was my small American dream that came true and I’m so thankful – beyond every measure! Being here, experiencing this new and huge city, conquering it with my charm and my dirndl, having great conversations with strangers, walking until blisters turn bloody (yeah that happens too – travelling isn’t always comfy), having great coffee, tasting new food, walking through Central Park (tomorrow there’ll be more on that! 😉 ), … This could literally go on for ages. Let me prove you in two simple photos how great it is here:

P1040103 DSC_0106 (2)

Happy Independence Day you all and to America as well 🙂

Keep on traveling!

Yours Viki

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