Kayak Flight Search Explore – Favourite Site at the moment

kayak explore

Kayak Flight Search Explore – Favourite Site at the moment

Hi out there fellow travellers!

Today I want to introduce you to my favourite flight search tool at the moment: Kayak Flight Search Explore!! 😀

It’s a bit hidden on the website so you probably haven’t heard of it before! But now you do and you can get inspired!

It’s for us travellers that don’t quite know where to go next, but definitely want to go somewhere and stay within a certain budget! Well this is when this amazing flight search tool comes in very handy!

Let’s say you have 200€ to spend. Insert this amount and choose your airport of departure and Kayak Explore will tell you where you can go – presented useful on a map! I choose the airport of Vienna to depart. Isn’t that cool?

kayak explore


Extend this to 500€ leaving from Vienna and being absolutely flexible with the dates, I could go to New York, Azores, Kenya, Egypt, India (for 271€!!! :D) or the most furthest to the east to Thailand! Loving this tool!


Here another example: Montreal and a budget of 500€ in spring 2014! I mean you can go to Ecuador and even to Hawaii! Or visit California for 279€!! 😀 amazing! Please dear Kayak Explore let me marry you and let’s live happily ever after!! <3

kayak explore

I hope I could introduce you to this simple tool to still your chronic wanderlust! 🙂

Keep on travelling!


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pps. This is not a sponsored post! I simply love kayak and this little wonder that they most recently provide is THE best for dreamers who don’t know yet where to go and for those of you that want to explore within a certain budget!

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