Why I keep a travel journal

Travel Journal

The reasons why I’m keeping a travel journal

I’ve always been one of those people that kept things for a long time – only recently I found a bus ticket from when I just started school. I have so many boxes with memories. To be honest, I don’t open them too often, but I see them every day when I wake up and think of a trip where I kept so many things. Those boxes are labelled and filled with stories. I used to keep city maps, metro tickets, booking confirmations, boarding passes and pretty much every receipt.

As my blog grew and I got to travel a lot more than I intended to I could keep up with this system. When I go on a trip now I do only basic research and write those info down in a journal. I still keep the boarding pass and pretty entrance tickets and when I return home I glue them into the little book. I add funny stories, memorable encounters and my feelings to those bright tickets.

I’ve lost count on how many journals I’ve already finished, but I will always remember my round the world trip last summer. I thought one journal would be sufficient. I had to buy a second one and a third one. Every one of those three diaries carries my deepest thoughts and feelings on my trip. Things that I have shared with nobody.

Travel Journal

I travel a lot and for most of my trips I don’t commit to writing over ten pages each day full of my most personal things. I randomly add the location and what I was up to on that day, but it is mostly about feelings. How I felt travelling solo for two months straight, how it was like to go skydiving and meeting a first-time solo traveller that I ended up spending two more days with?

For me, travelling is all about those little moments. And I love to keep those. Just for me and nobody else. Things that I want to share, I do share with you all.


This is the reason why I want to give you the opportunity to receive some inspiring travel journals and start right away.

Marco Polo UK and I are giving away 4 bundles of each four different travel journals. I also got four of each and love how beautiful they are and that each one comes with individual stickers!


  1. Leave a comment below and tell me what your next destination is
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Good luck everyone!

Keep on travelling

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