Why I keep a travel journal

Travel Journal

The reasons why I'm keeping a travel journal

I’ve always been one of those people that kept things for a long time – only recently I found a bus ticket from when I just started school. I have so many boxes with memories. To be honest, I don’t open them too often, but I see them every day when I wake up and think of a trip where I kept so many things. Those boxes are labelled and filled with stories. I used to keep city maps, metro tickets, booking confirmations, boarding passes and pretty much every receipt.

As my blog grew and I got to travel a lot more than I intended to I could keep up with this system. When I go on a trip now I do only basic research and write those info down in a journal. I still keep the boarding pass and pretty entrance tickets and when I return home I glue them into the little book. I add funny stories, memorable encounters and my feelings to those bright tickets.

I’ve lost count on how many journals I’ve already finished, but I will always remember my round the world trip last summer. I thought one journal would be sufficient. I had to buy a second one and a third one. Every one of those three diaries carries my deepest thoughts and feelings on my trip. Things that I have shared with nobody.

Travel Journal

I travel a lot and for most of my trips I don’t commit to writing over ten pages each day full of my most personal things. I randomly add the location and what I was up to on that day, but it is mostly about feelings. How I felt travelling solo for two months straight, how it was like to go skydiving and meeting a first-time solo traveller that I ended up spending two more days with?

For me, travelling is all about those little moments. And I love to keep those. Just for me and nobody else. Things that I want to share, I do share with you all.


This is the reason why I want to give you the opportunity to receive some inspiring travel journals and start right away.

Marco Polo UK and I are giving away 4 bundles of each four different travel journals. I also got four of each and love how beautiful they are and that each one comes with individual stickers!


  1. Leave a comment below and tell me what your next destination is
  2. Enter your info in the Rafflecopter widget below
  3. The contest is open until July 24th
  4. The winner will receive an email with further information!

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Good luck everyone!

Keep on travelling


  • Mhhhh, this is a really hard question! Although I really want to move to Australia – which is a huge project – I would also love to go surfing. So my next destination is probably Sri Lanka or Bali during Christmas.

  • Hahaha, I am just the same. I got a bit lazier, especially on my around the world trip. Unfortunately I didn’t write each day into my diary. I love travel journals and I love to write down notes, thoughts and any kind of encounters of the day. To be honest, I don’t know my next destination yet, but isn’t that part of the fun? 😉

  • Since I just got back from Dublin (one of my favourite places!) I have a really fun destination to share: I’m going to Disneyland Paris with a bunch of kids next week. ????

  • I love the idea of keeping a travel journal and was considering to start one. 2016 ist the first year I started travelling “a bit more” and as I keep falling in love with travelling it would be cool to write down my memoriey of all those journeys that will follow. My next destination is Zürich (via Berlin) in August. Looking forward to that journey – hopefully with my new travel diaries!
    Kisses, Claudia a.k.a. Shirley

  • My next destination is one of my favourite vacation spots: pakostane, croatia. After the really looooong semester is finally ending I need the time there to relax 🙂

  • Very nice article and a good idea to write in a travel book during the trip! I would like to drive to Croatia on my birthday in September and it would be nice to have these travel books with me! ? I also kept bills and tickets in a box but it sounds very good to write about the feelings that I have during a trip!

    Greetings from Lower Austria! ?

  • My neckt destination is Australia in August 2016. I am spending a month there and a Travel Journal would ne Great to Safe all those memories.

  • The Perhentian Islands on the East Coast of Peninsular Malaysia! Followed by Bangkok, Kyoto, and hopefully visit some Christmas markets in Europe 😀 I’ve always jotted down interesting bits from my travels (when time allows) on scraps of paper, so a proper travel journal will have a nice place in my backpack!

  • Hello
    I travel to Manchester and Blackpool in October. Can’t wait to see the Star Trek Exhibition in Blackpool. I will also go to Pleasure Beach and a bit Planespotting in Manchester.

    Greetings Sandra

  • Next up is a lot of walking, swimming and climbing in Cyprus, but got eyes on something a bit more taxing in Canada over the winter months.

  • I’ve just been looking at this blog site where I was genuinely following up interest in the Massai of Tanzania where I had the good fortune to live/ work for 6 years with my family and can’t believe how so many people here fuel one persons travel addiction. Cheap advertising tricks like the ‘travel-bundle diary’ – ooh I must get some, that will really help me become a cool blog writer who goes on rich Western holidays but feel like a real travel adventurer dude. Meet somewhere exotic like Bali and glance other little blue diary tribal marks from like-minded travellers. Possibly get together and have blue tribal tattoo to seal an awesome adventurous spirit. What crap parades as travel writing! Go live somewhere, get outside your comfort zone, take time to listen to local people hear their stories about how tourism kills their culture through creeping Westernisation. Sorry but read this and be interested in it and you are only reading travel porn, slowly getting hooked. Read the great travel writers and take your cue from them. Don’t buy into this you’re just giving someone a free holiday and the bills on you!

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