Lily Cup Compact Review – Only for Girls


The Lily Cup Compact Review – for Girls only

Sorry guys but this post is for girls only! Especially for active girls who love to travel. Once a month mother nature stops by for a visit to remind us that we are women.

Millions of tampons are used and thrown away each year and have an impact on our environment. Not only that but carrying lots and lots of tampons also takes away a lot of precious bag space!!

Thanks to the great inventors of menstruation cups for making our lives so much easier!

Menstruation Cups

Is a small and very flexible silicone container that women can use during their time of the month.

Who can use a menstruation cup?

Everyone! Well every female person! If you are one of the following a menstruation cup is perfect:

  • short-term traveller
  • long-term traveller
  • any traveller
  • sports-lover or hater (swimming, hiking, climbing, diving, horse riding, cycling, running, working out, …)
  • lazy and you don’t want to change so often during their menstruation
  • somebody that cares for the environment

The Pros

  • up to 10h without rushing to the toilet to change
  • super soft
  • medical-grade silicone
  • reusable for years
  • simply stowed in your bag in its plastic case
  • No more tampons
  • Yeahh! for the environment
  • doesn’t leak if inserted correctly
  • foldable
  • like tampons you don’t feel them once inserted correctly
  • takes up less space than a box of tampons if not in use

The Cons

  • it takes time to learn how to insert the cup correctly
  • takes some time to get used to it
  • changing it can get messy

How to choose the right one?

The Lily Cup Compact comes in two different sizes:

  1. Size A: for those who have not given birth or have given birth my caesarean.
  2. Size B: for those who have given birth or have been diagnosed with a weaker pelvic floor.

How to take care of it

Wash it monthly with boiling water to kill all the germs and bacteria. This type of menstrual cup is made of medical-grade silicone, which lasts super long. Discolouration after extended use is normal.

How to use it

Read here how to correctly insert the menstruation cup, it may take you some time, but I swear once you know the twist it’s easy cheesy!


It took me some time to work it and I almost gave up, but now that I know how to use it correctly I will never ever buy and use tampons ever again! Never worry about if I have packed enough tampons or not!

There are several brand available on the market now, the ones I use are the Lily Cup and Diva Cup.

Keep on travelling,

Note: Intimina sent me a sample to test – all words and opinions are still my very own.

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