Longdistance travelling? No problem!

Hi out there my fellow travelers!

Longdistance travelling can be a pain in the ***! That's something we can all agree on, right? But there are some simple tricks! 🙂

Yesterday I got to see a friend in Vienna and she will travel to Brazil and Argentina tomorrow! How exciting is that!! She will travel down to Patagonia and enjoy the beautiful landscape and meet family and friends of her bf 🙂

She asked me how I prepare for long distance flights? (or long distance travels in general)

This will be an addition to a post I did last year (Check it our here).

So what did I tell her?

You want to be able to sleep in the airplane to get some rest and not be exhausted when you arrive at your destination!

1.) no coffee during the day and the day before the flight. sounds harsh, but helps 🙂

2.) try some calming pills – not sleeping pills because they will probably knock you out. I tried those here and here. They truely work wonders

3.) or try to have some beers before boarding (I don't mean that you should be drunk, it might happen that they deny you to board the plane 😛 )

4.) try to stay up as late as possible or stay up all night long, this will guarantee you a sleepy flight!

5.) travel comfy – once at the gate or on the plane get into yoga pants and a cosy sweater.

6.) scarf! sometimes the AC is running too cold and blowing in your direction and you can't turn in down. A scarf will help you with that.

7.) travel pillow! works wonders! I cannot travel without one

8.) listen to the classic music channel – it eliminates the noises around you and calms you down. (Or take some yoga and relaxing music with you)

9.) audio books – while reading might get you motion sickness, listening to a great book might work for you, plus you don't disturb anybody with a reading light switched on. (Herefor try audible!)


I wish you safe travels and all the best!

Keep on travelling!


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  • Hello

    my tipps:

    Take the last row of a plane… if they had an entertainment system – so no one can push your seat. Childs can play games on the touchscreen and this can be very annoying. And also people with children doesn’t like to sit in the back of the plane (much quieter)
    It happens on a flight with Iberia to NY – so the seats in the last row are more comfortable – the distance between the seats are a bit more.

    Watch your favourite movies on your laptop or portable dvd-player.
    Yeahh , my friend and I are a bt crazy, we watch movies like the: Airport Quadralogy 🙂


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