That moment when you step outside your door and realize it’s gonna be epic!  


Hi out there my fellow Wanderlusters!

Let’s talk about that moment when you step outside your door and realize it’s gonna be epic!

Who knows what I’m talking about?

You saved up for months to finally be able to do the trip you always dreamt about.

You packed everything, or at least think so, and when you start driving towards the airport, train or bus station it suddenly hits you: did I bring my passport,  my pj’s and socks (don’t judge, happened to me before)?

You spend hours on the internet doing research on platforms to gather the information you need for your dream destination.

You had a long list with things to do before your trip like vaccinations, visas, plane tickets, insurance, hotel/hostel, scheduling everything, … [list goes on and on^^]

Friends and family say goodbye and tell you they are either jealous, anxious or something like “I don’t know how you can afford all this?“.

The moment when you purchased your ticket felt like ten times Christmas and your Birthday combined. Triple that and you’ll not nearly know the feeling that I have.

Saying goodbye to your dog or pet is harder than saying goodbye to the others.

Best dog ever!


You set your alarm in the middle of the night to check in online and get your favourite seat. (That’s what I did yesterday – window seats rock!)

You wanted to pack two weeks before the actual trip just because you wanted to leave sooooo bad. (And then end up packing last minute, sounds familiar right?)

You know your itinerary by heart – at least you think you do. But people are always friendly and willing to help!

You know you have a perfectly mastered plan what to do when, but the moment you set foot in the aircraft you ditch half of them.

When you arrive at the airport and smoothly just drop off  your backpack or other luggage. Others see you and want to do the same but they haven’t checked in online and have to stay in line. You simply smile to yourself.

When you go looking for the gate and actually make it on time – if you are anything like me I’m always too early to be sure to catch the flight – nobody wants to miss their ride to an awesome adventure.

When boarding is announced and you either can’t wait to get on the plane or are so relaxed that you really don’t care when you’ll take your seat, because I mean – nobody will sit there right 😉

When you cannot wait to meet new people in all sorts of places you plan on going and even those you don’t. There are so many stories out there waiting to be told and to be listened at.

When you simply want to dance your way from home to the airport. DO IT, send me your photos and videos! I will share them on my blog and on facebook!

When you feel like Bilbo Baggins and want to shout out loud:


Have fun travelling and exploring our beautiful planet!

Keep on travelling



ps. next time you read here I’ll be in New York City – stay tuned for some great stories from there.

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