Packing List for Overnight Busses and Trains

Packing List for Overnight Busses and Trains


  • long tracksuit bottoms: to keep you warm and comfy
  • extra pair of socks: I prefer woollen socks to put on top of my normal socks to keep me warm (because I take of my shoes on busses and trains)
  • sweater: same as above –> to keep you warm
  • scarf: to keep my throat covered and warm, because I tend to get sick on busses (when the a/c is too cold)
  • fresh clothes: I always change clothes to feel fresher at the destination bus/train station


  • fully charged phone
  • fully charged iPod: I have all sorts of music on it, but when I travel I usually use calm, classic music to help me fall asleep. On my last trip I listened to audio books, because I cannot read when I’m on a bus, so this was the ideal solution!
  • fully charged tablet: you can keep yourself entertained by music, books, movies and games
  • fully charged battery pack
  • book or fully charged kindle

What else

  • full bottle of water: to prevent dehydration and high prices when sold in the vehicle
  • some healthy snacks: fruits and cereal bars are always in my bag when I travel, chewing gum might help too
  • watch: in case your cell or/and iPod die you know when to get off. Plus when travelling through different time zones: put the time zone of your destination when you get on the bus or train, so you avoid getting confused and maybe nervous on when to get off or change.
  • travel pillow: I got this great one in a bookstore. it has two different surfaces and also a pocket that converts it into a usuall pillow
  • eye mask: to drift away without being disturbed by any light
  • some pills: to calm you down and help you fall asleep
  • small bag: to put all you valuable things in and something to tie it around the seat or your leg (to not get stolen too easy)
  • toilet paper or tissues: many busses/trains and gas stations on your way don't have tp, so I always pack some just in case
  • guide-book of destination (or pdf)
  • earplugs: if anyone snores you'll not be bothered
  • toothbrush and toothpaste: when you arrive in the morning after several hours on the road you might want to brush your teeth
  • wet wipes: to refresh your face

I hope you can take some of my advice – it will definitely be handy at some point on your trip!

Keep on travelling!



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