Packing List Ethiopia | What you should pack for your trip to Ethiopia


Packing List Ethiopia | What you should pack for your trip to Ethiopia

What do you actually need on a trip to Ethiopia? After travelling to Ethiopia for two weeks with only hand luggage, I put together a detailed packing list for you.

Depending on your travel style and which places you want to visit in Ethiopia, you will need different things. If you have planned a multi-day hike through the Simien National Park or even visit the Danakil Depression, then I have mentioned this in extra sub-points for you.

My packing list for Ethiopia is based on my recent two weeks “hand luggage only” trip.


Even though Ethiopia is a mostly Christian country, wearing super short hot pants and tiny tops is definitely not appreciated by the locals. Hence why my wardrobe mostly consisted of three-quarter length trousers and airy blouses.

  • 4 x airy blouses, tops
  • 1 x long trousers (for the plane, for Addis Ababa and for cooler nights)
  • 1 x three-quarter lengths trousers
  • 4 x underwear
  • 4 x socks
  • 1 x pyjama
  • 1 x scarf
  • 1 x jacket

I usually wash the clothes I wore during the day before I go to bed at night, like that I always have fresh clothes. If I am on the road for longer I usually drop off my laundry at a launderette and pick it up when my clothes are all fresh and nice.

Packliste Äthiopien


For my travels – no matter where and no matter how the temperatures are – I always pack flip-flops. In some countries, the showers and bathrooms aren’t quite so yummy and I don’t fancy showering barefoot.

Additionally, I packed comfy sneakers and sandals as well.


  • passport
  • travel insurance
  • get your eVisa before your trip to save time at immigration


In addition to the usuals such as toothbrush, shower gel, etc you should also bring the following items with you to Ethiopia:

  • Sunscreen
  • After Sun
  • Anti-bug spray
  • First Aid kit with charcoal tablets (to help with diarrhoea!)

Packliste Äthiopien


I swear by my Osprey Farpoint 40 when it comes to packing a lot in a small space. This backpack has been with me to China, Mexico, Colombia and other countries. In addition, I always pack a small, light backpack  – so the larger one can stay in the hotel while I am doing day trips.

For Ethiopia, I advise you to travel with a backpack, because the roads and sidewalks are so bumpy that you would even have to carry your suitcase.


  • travel adapter
  • luggage lock
  • books for long bus rides, waiting times and evenings
    • Der Mann, der den Tod auslacht – written by a German journalist who lived in Ethiopia for a couple of years. It is one of the best book I have ever read. Unfortunatelly so far only available in German.
  • power bank
  • camera with good zoom or tele lens
  • cash in Euro or US dollars (300-500 ish)
  • debit card – deactivate GeoControl (for Europeans!)

For Danakil Depression, Erta Ale and Dalol

Different rules apply here in this lowland plain where water and electricity are scarce.

  • 1 x short pants
  • 1 x bathing suit for a dip in the salt lake
  • Flashlight or a power bank for your smartphone
  • travel towel

For a multi-day hiking tour in the Simien National Park

In the mountains, running water and electricity is also scarce.

Things that can stay at home

I decided to not bring my laptop on this trip and this decision was definitely the right one. I barely had functioning internet on my phone because it was so slow and many websites are blocked altogether.

Ethiopia officially accepts credit cards but in reality, travelling with cash (and lots of it!) is a whole lot easier.

Packliste Äthiopien

What can you not live without while traveling? What do you think should be added to this packing list for Ethiopia?

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