Portable Mobile Charger

mobile charger for travelling

You’ve been on the road for a bit and you are depending on your phone to find your way to your hostel or hotel. You see your battery drop. And then it goes off and no power sockets and chargers anywhere to be found. My dear fellow travellers, I got the solution:

Portable Mobile Chargers

Even if you find your way to your hostel, the low on battery issue may still be huge. Why? Many hostels I’ve been to only supply few power sockets in the dorms or they are in an inconvenient position where you cannot lock your phone, camera or tablet somewhere.

I decided to get one of those portable mobile chargers.

How does it work?

Simple! Before you hit the road plug the small package in and let it charge for a couple of hours. Then when travelling you simply transfer the power from the portable mobile charger to your device of choice.

Which should I get?

Depending on how much power your devices need and how much you want to carry.

There are quite powerful portable mobile chargers out there. Mine is about the same size as my phone, maybe a little bit higher and a bit heavier. My Sony portable mobile charger is 7500mAh and my phone charges three times and my tablet charged about 1,5 times. Impressive, right!? (Sony has updated their product and now it comes with 10000mAh and an extra small 2800mAh mini charger.)

I’ve seen a lot different sizes, shapes and capacities. There are some smaller ones that just fit in any jeans pocket and they’ll charge about 1/3 to 1/2 of your phone. Then there are massive ones, that are four times the size of any conventional smartphone today and they’ll charge your phone 10 times or even more!

mobile charger for travelling

What to look out for

I can only recommend getting a portable mobile charger with multiple exits (two have proven to be enough for me). So you conveniently charge two devices at the same time. Keep in mind that charging two devices will slow the charging process.

mobile charger for travelling


I’d say the weight could be an issue, but the advantage of carrying this item evens out the weight for me for sure! It’s super convenient and I never leave the house without it!

One last tip:

Don’t forget to charge it 🙂

Keep on travelling,



My portable mobile charger is now in use for over 2,5 years and still works perfectly. I also got a new portable mobile charge a different capacity! (2200 mAh for 6 €/8 US$ plus mostly free shipping!!)

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