No one to travel with? Don’t worry!!! Solo Travelling


No one to travel with? Don’t worry!!!

We all sometimes ache to go somewhere usual or completely off the track. You start researching and fall in love with the destination, save up some money, but no one of your friends seems to be interested. You end up not traveling at all. ALMOST!

Don’t let others influence your travel experience by not having it at all. You are responsible for your own life so start living it that way. It seems hard to go alone (for the first time), but there are plenty of advantages too! I prefer to travel alone and meet up with some travellers on the road.

  •  You can do whatever you want at the time you want and won’t have to miss out on this one sight, because your friends don’t want to go there or want to check out that barkeeper from yesterday.
    If you want to sit down and grab a cup of tea or something, you can. No arguing with others! Simple as that!
  • If you don’t want to talk to anybody you don’t have to and (almost) nobody will be offended! So be grumpy too 😉
  • If you feel like getting up at 6am, no one will say ‘that’s pretty early isn’t it?!’, enjoy a perfect sunrise!
  • You will not feel lonely! There are many ways of meeting new people abroad! You can stay at someones couch via couchsurfing or stay at a dorm in a hostel. There are always many travellers in the common rooms who are eager to share their experiences with you and are willing to listen to your stories as well. You can find some travel buddies for the next day(s) there too. I always do this if I feel that I need some people around me. This way I’ve met tons of people and spent great days together with them and I’m still in contact with most of them!
  • Sometimes you notice some other travellers on your trips in a café or somewhere at sight or in the city or somewhere else. Go talk to them! This is how I met so many nice people on my trips through China! We had an awesome time and met again in other parts of the country!
  • Couchsurfing has another feature besides the actual staying at someones: City groups. Look for the city you are in or you want to go to. For all major cities those groups exist. You can either look for activities or posts that might interest you or post a request or offer to go for a coffee someplace and usually people respond. I met great people in Scotland doing exactly this 🙂

Sure, you will have to be careful with your belongings, because you don’t have anybody to watch your backpack while you are on the loo, but you will figure it out eventually! 🙂


Have a safe trip! 🙂

Keep on travelling!

Yours V


ps. I mostly travel on my own, I’ve been to Mexico, China, Morocco and all over Europe on my own – I’m still alive and I was not hurt a single time 🙂 Get your butt up and go explore!

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